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Hydraulic transmission type wood shaving machine with good performance

1.Advance technology, base on Turkey process technology, do some improvement on its design, in steady of welding connection, we use accurate punching and embed method which avoid loosing with the machine when its running


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Wood shaving machine good for making animal bedding shavings

Wood shaving machines can be divided into two types. One is disc type and the other is drum type. Normally, the disc type wood shaving machine is for small capacity using. It is very easy to operate and more cost-effective. The wood shaving machine is good for making wood shaves for animal beding.


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Wood shaving machine with various usages


This Wood Shaving Machine can make the raw wood, wood branches and wood logs into Wood Shavings, and the produced Wood Shavings are same as the Wood Shavings made by the Furniture Factory. It is energy-saving type and easy to operate.It is designed and developed according to industrial requirements.It belongs to wood crushing and pulverizing machine. It is finely processed, high efficiency and environmental protection type. It is optional for electricity and diesel so it can meet buyers’ different requirements. The thickness and the size of the produced wood shavings can be adjusted.


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Animal Bedding Wood Shaving Making Machine

 Animal Bedding Wood Shaving Making MachineDescriptionWood shaving machine can process the wood, bamboo, twigs and other materials into sawdust, wood chips, wood shaving, etc.

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Wood Shaving Machine

This Wood Shaving Machine can make the raw wood, wood branches and wood logs into Wood Shavings for animal bedding, etc. It is best selling in African market.

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