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Ring die pellet making plant for Singapore client

 This ring die pellet making plant was produced for one Singapore client.  It is made up of crushing machine, ring die pellet mill, cooling machine and screening machine.  The belt conveyors, bucket elevator and dust collecting parts are included. 

2016/4/19 Comments:0ring die pellet making linewood pellet linering die pellet making plant
1Ton per hour wood pellet line for Romania with 2 sets pellet mill

This 1 ton/h wood pellet line was made for our Romanian client last year. According to his requirement, it is made up two sets roller rotating type pellet mill. The capacity of each pellet mill is 400-500kg/h.

The wood pellet line is made up of hammer mill, screw conveyor, air flow dryer, screw conveyor, feeding hoppers with two discharging ports, 2 sets wood pellet mill and cooling machine.


2016/3/4 Comments:0wood pellet making plantwood pellet line1 ton per hour pellet line
500kg/h wood pellet production line for Bosnia and herzegovina customer

Last week(2015-01-05), the 500kg/h wood pellet productine for Bosnia and herzegovina was finished and ready for delivery.

As his raw materials are wood chips with high moisture, the wood pellet line is made of hammer mill, hot air dryer, pellet mill, cooler and screw conveyors.  As they are going to expend production in the future, the capacity of all the machines before the pellet mills are much higher than 500kg/h. They also bought two sets pellet mill, so it is convenient to expend capacity in the future.

2016/1/20 Comments:1wood pellet production linewood pellet line500kg/h wood pellet production linepellet line for Bosnia
1ton/h to 1.2ton/h wood pellet plant for Italy client

If you want to make wood pellets and the requested capacity is less than 1ton/hour, then it is better to choose flat die wood pellet plant. First is because the flat die pellet making plant is more cost-effective. Second is because a low capacity pellet line no need to be  high integrated.


2015/2/27 Comments:0wood pellet plant1ton wood pellet linewood pellet making plantwood pellet line
200kg/h to 2000kg/h wood pellet line with thorough system

The available wood pellet lines we can supply are 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/hour, 700kg/h, 1000kg/h and 2000kg/hour. We will design suitable line according to the condition of your raw materials and the size of your factory...

2014/11/5 Comments:1wood pellet linewood pellet production linewood pellet making machinewood pellet plantpelletizing line
Wood pellet line sent to Greece

Last Saturday, 9th of August, 2014, we sent one oak wood pellet ine with 2 tons/hour capacity to Greece, customer will use oak wood to produce pellets.  The whole pellet production line includes wood crushers, ring die pellet machines, cooling machine, conveyors, dust collector, etc.

2014/8/11 Comments:1wood pellet lineGreece pellet production line 2 tons/hoak wood pellet linebeech wood fuel pellets line
800kg/h wood pellet line for our Italy client

 On December 20th, 2013, the 800kg/h wood pellet line for our Italy client was finished and ready for delivery. The wood pellet line is made up of wood crusher, hot dryer dryer, wood pellet mill, cooler and screw conveyors, there is also a electric control cabients to control the whole line.


2013/12/22 Comments:1wood pellet line800kg/h wood pellet linewood pellet making machinewood pellet production line
500kg/hour wood pellet line for our Macedonia clients

On October 15th, 2013, one complete 500kg/h wood pellet  line ordered by one of our Macedonia is really for shipping. This is a complete wood pellet production line which is made up of wood crusher, hot air dryer, wood pellet mill, cooling machine, packing machine and some other auxiliary components like screw conveyors, air dust fliter, etc. It is also equipped with electric control cabinet which can let him to control the whole line easily. For the spare parts of the line, we always recommend our clients to buy two suits extra spare parts for the crusher and pellet mill. For other machines in the line, there are no special wearing parts on them. 


2013/10/14 Comments:0500kg/hour wood pellet linewood pellet linewood pellet production linesawdust briquette production linepellet making machine
Complete wood pellet production line

Complete wood pellet production line is to make the agro-forestry wastes into solid fuel/wood pellet with 20 continuous running, CE, 4 patents, less power, stable function, good quality, professional after-sale service.


2013/9/16 Comments:0wood pellet production linewood pellet making linewood pellet line
small flat die wood pellet plant

 Machine introduction:

Small wood pellet production line mainly focus on small capacity like 200-300kg/h, 300-400kg/h, 400-500kg/h, 500 to 600kg/h. The best material dimension for producing pellets is 1 to 5mm, the best material

moisture content for producing pellet is roughly 8 to 15%. Then, if your material has big difference with the 

above, don’t worry, this pellet production line can help you to make it perfect.


2013/6/27 Comments:1wood pellet plantwood pellet linewood pellet production linewood pellet making line
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