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small wood crusher and sawdust briquette machine for Hungary

The small wood crusher and small sawdust briquette machine are made for our Hungary clients.

They are good match for making briquettes with small capacity, which can suitable for  prophase investment.

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Updated wood crusher with new design and multifunction

Based on the market requirement and the response from our clients, we update the models of our wood crusher. We add some new models this time.

As we all know, most of the biomass materials can be used for forming into pellets or briquettes. Before forming, these materials need to be crushed into small powder. For the traditional crushing machines, they can be divided into two types. One is hammer mill for cruhing small diameter materials, such as small branches, grass, corn stalk. The other is wood crusher for crushing big diameter materials, such as wood logs. If you feed grass into the crusher, it cannot be crushed. Hoever, most of our clients prefer to choose various materials with different diameter to make pellets or briquettes. Obviously, one machine can't do this work.


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New type diesel engine wood crusher

Our Trinidad and Tobago customer purchased our diesel engine wood crusher last month, now the wood crushing machine is finished, we are ready to deliver the machine to Qingdao seaport, the following pictures are for customer checking.

2014/9/4 Comments:0wood crusherdiesel engine wood crushercrushing machine for outdoor use
11kw small wood crusher good for home use

The 11kw small wood crusher in the following is made for our Italy client.

The wood crusher is a good machine for convert wood logs or branch into sawdust. You can use the sawdust for making pellets, briquettes or for animal bedding.

The internal part of the crusher are made up of blades(normal 4 blades), hammers and sieve. When you feed wood into the crusher, its roating blades will cut wood into chips. The chips will be crushed into sawdust by the hammers in the crushing room.

2014/9/1 Comments:011kw small wood crusherwood crusherwood crushing machinesawdust making machine
Wood crusher with durable spare parts

Wood Crusher Introduction
Wood crusher is ideal equipment for producing various types of wood products. Wood pellets orbiomass briquettes production line also needs crushing equipment. Wood crusher is specially designed to crush branches, tree roots,slab scraps and so on for further production.It occupies little room which makes it quite a popularity in small size biomass fuel plants.


2013/10/25 Comments:0wood crusherwood log crusherwood branch crusherwood crushing machine
Durable small hammer mill with competitive price

 HSCP series small hammer mill are used for grinding the bio-mass like straw /stalk / wood chips / tree branches and forest waste into small granular material of less than 3-5mm,which is perfect size for pelletizing and briquetting.


2013/7/8 Comments:3hammer crusherhammer millcrushergrass hammer millwood crusher
High efficient wood crusher made by E.P Machinery

Brief Introduction of the wood crusher

The wood crusher  is a combination of wood chipper and hammer mill, it can crush any kind of material with diameter less than 300mm, like wood branch, wood branch, stalk, etc. The final powder size is 3-5mm,  which can support to make briquettes and pellets directly. It easy for operating and can get different size according to your needs. 


2013/6/11 Comments:0wood crushercrushing machinegrinding machinecrusherwood logs crusher
Wood hammer mill with durable hammers

 As we all know, no matter for making pellets or for making briquettes, it is necessary to crush the raw materials into 3-5mm powders. AS there are different kinds of crushing machines, so it is very important to know how to choose a suitable crushing machine.


2013/4/8 Comments:0wood hammer millhammer millwood crusher
Economical Disc Wood Chipper

Our company produces the series of wood chippers machine which is a kind of special cutting machine for production high quality of wood, widely used in paper making, particieboard, fiber board in industrial production preparation section and the single wood production base, cutting raw materials mainly is the log. Can be divided into disc wood chipper machine and drum wood chippers machine.

2012/10/23 Comments:0wood chipperwood chipping machinewood crusher
First-class wood crusher for briquetting & pelletizing

Wood Crusher prepare suitable size raw material for biomass briquetting plant. According to different raw materials, users may choose suitable crushers. It can change fresh/dried raw wood (max diam200mm) into sawdust of 3-5mm directly without second time pulverizing.

2012/8/17 Comments:0wood crusherwood crushing machine
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