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briquette machine for wasted mushroom substrate

 How to deal with the wasted mushroom substrate? Now it is the big problem for mushroom plantting investors. Most of investors just throw wasted mushroom away as garbage, and it leads to great waste. So how to change the mushroom substrate into things of value?

2014/5/12 Comments:0wasted mushroom substrate briquette machinewasted mushroom substratesawdust briquette press
Energy Saving Sawdust Briquette Press

This sawdust briquette press can be used to make biomass energy or fuel briquette burning for furnace, stove, boiler, etc from wood shaving, wood waste, sawdust, straw, cotton stalk, rice hull, peanut hull, grass, etc materials, or charcoal power for BBQ.

2012/10/10 Comments:3sawdust briquette pressbriquette making machinebriquette machine
Hot Selling Wood Sawdust Briquette Press

 The sawdust briquette press is suitalbe to press all kinds of corn straw, straw, rice, wheat straw, wheat shell, MaiKang, bean straw, cotton stalk, medical slag, branches, leaves and wood chips, sawdust, hay, discarded bag,all waste fuel can be suppressed

2012/8/21 Comments:0sawdust briquette pressbriquette making machine
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