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Biomass briquette production line

 A complete and automated biomass briquette plant, includes crusher-dryer-distribution hopper-briquette extruder-packing machine, conveyor, electric control system, etc.

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rice husk briquette machine for Argentina client

In order to make good using of biomass waste, such as straw, sawdust, rice husk, etc, you can choose this screw type briquette machine. It can be used to press different kinds of agricultural waste into briquettes.

The briquettes made by screw type briquette machine has the advanges of high density, high heating value, uniform appearance. What's more, you can carbonize biomass briquettes into charcoal briquettes if you want.


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Hydraulic pallet block press machine for sawdust and wood shavings

Hydraulic pallet block press machine for sawdust and wood shavings 


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small wood crusher and sawdust briquette machine for Hungary

The small wood crusher and small sawdust briquette machine are made for our Hungary clients.

They are good match for making briquettes with small capacity, which can suitable for  prophase investment.

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Bio-fuel briquette machine for making BBQ briquette

Introduction of sawdust briquette machine :

1. Raw material: Ground nut shell ,Sugarcane residue Caster Shells/Stalk Saw dust Coffee Husk Paddy Straw ,Sunflower Stalk Cotton Stalks Tobacco waste Mustard Stalk Jute waste Bamboo Dust Tea waste Wheat Straw ,Palm husk Soybeans husk Rice Husks Forestry wastes Wood Chips and many other Agro wastes.

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Wood briquette machine and hammer mill for Canada client

In the northern hemisphere countries, especially these countries which are very cold in Winter, such as Russia, Moldova, Canada, etc, people prefer to choose pellets or briquettes as fuel for heating in Winter.

All we all know, in order to make good use of some wood waste and agriculture waste, we need the help of some machines. The related machines are wood chipper, wood crusher, hammer mill, drying machine, pellet mill, wood briquette machine, etc.


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Hydraulic sawdust briquette machine for our Israel customer

Last week, the hydraulic sawdust briquette machine ordered for our Israel customer was ready for delivery. The hydraulic biomass briquette machine also can be called foot pier briquette machine or Pallet briquette machine. It is mainly used to make foot pier for Pallet. By turning wood waste into foot pier, a lot of cost will be saved.


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Biomass briquette machine for our German Client

 For our briquette machines, they are all screw type. The working principle of them is that the raw materials will be pressed under high pressure in the forming mould. Meanwhile, there are three heating rings for supplying high temperature. Under the high pressure and high temperature, the lignin in the biomass materials will be released out  to be the binder. The diameter and shape of the forming mold decide the size and shape of the final briquettes. 


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sawdust briquette machine

 Introduction of sawdust briquette machine:

HSZB (series) Biomass briquetting is the process of converting substantialbiomass agro/wood wastes into high density and energy concentrated hollow bio fuelbriquettes (half-charcoal stick) under high pressure and temperature.


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Wood briquette production line popular in Southeast Asia

 The wood briquette machine, sometimes it also can be called biomass briquette machine or biomass briquette machine. The function of it is to compress the biomass materials into high density briquettes for bettter transporting or getting high heat value.  For our briquette machines, they can be used to make hexagon or square shape briquettes with a centre hole on them. The diameter of the briquettes ranges from 50-90mm as you want.  For many kinds of raw materials in our nature, they can't be pressed into briquettes directly, as the briquette machine has certain requests for the contains of the raw materials, such as the moisture content of the raw materials should be 8%-15%, the size of the raw materials before briquette making should be less than 5mm. In that case, we need a briquette production line to deal with these raw materials first.

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