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high pressure briquette machine for making fly ash briquettes to Australia

As we all know, fly ash is one kind of very light materials, it is not only light, but also dry enough. In briquetting machinery field, it is a one headache to be pressed into briquettes for further use. To open this market, E.P technical team just did a lot of work on it, and now we made a great process to pressing fly ash into briquettes. 

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Unique designed high pressure briquette machine with two driving shafts

This unique designed high pressure briquette machine is specially designed for one of our domestic client. The most different part of it is the driving shaft. There are two driving shafts with two gearbox on it. This design generates much higher pressure. Especially good for pressing aluminum ash briquettes, lime powder briquettes, etc.The roller diameter of it is 360mm. The capacity of it is 3-4Ton/h.


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High pressure iron briquette machine with screw feeder

High pressure iron briquette machine is good for making high strength briquettes, especially for making iron briquettes, aluminum briquettes, etc. If we add a screw feeder on it, it also can be used to make  lime briquettes and other dry powder briquettes.


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Dry powder briquette making machine---High pressure briquette machine

High Pressure briquette machine also named dry power briquette machine. The High Pressure briquette machine mainly applies on the ball and brick making of non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal mineral powder, it enters the furnace directly to increase the additional value. All metallurgy industry waste and accessory that need furnace use ball press machine. Such as dedusting ash, pool mud, oxide, slag, iron flavor powder, aluminum ash powder, silicon manganese ore powder, etc.

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Dry power briquette press machine

Dry Powder Briquette Press Machine

Briquettes made with binders are usually pressed at low pressure. When briquettes are made without binders, however, the success of the process depends upon crushing or plastically deforming the particles to bring them closely together.
High Pressure Dry Powder Briquette Press Machine is widely used to make briquettes from various powdery materials, including aluminium powder, magnesium powder, ore powder, active charcoal powder, alumina, caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), clay, coke powder, coal, cryolite, chemical fertilizer, plastic, calces, pigment etc. without using binder. The main purpose of the machine is to reduce powder pollution, minimize size/capacity of raw material, recycle and make more it convenient for transportation.

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2013 hot sale coal briquette making machine

The coal briquette making machine is mainly used for anhydrous materials of non-ferrous and ferrous mineral powder briquette /ball making system before the smelting furnace, such as coal, coal ash, coal mud, coke powder, coking coal, iron ore concentrates, chromate ore concentrates, mgo power, copper power, chrome ore power, Lead Zinc Ore, steel slag, aluminum ash, Si-Mn mineral powder, bauxite refractory, nonferrous metal power, refractory matter, ceramic filter sand and metallurgical powder Cold pellet making industry.


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Hydraulic device on the roller briquette machine

 As we know, for the roller briquette machine, it is used for compressing some mineral materials into round, bread or pillow shape. The shape and size of the final briquettes decided by the rollers. For some common materials, such as coal or charcoal, they are easy to be shape with binders, so they don't have strict request for the pressure of the briquette machine. But for some other materials, such as some metal powders, they are hard to be shaped. In this case, we should increase the pressure between the rollers of the briquette machines. Normally, we will add hydraulic device on it. 


2013/6/4 Comments:0roller briquette machinecoal briquette machinehigh pressure briquette machinehydraulic briquette machine
High pressure iron powder briquette machine with hydraulic device

For our briquette machines, normally they can be divided into three different types: common pressure type, high pressure type(with hydraulic device), high pressure type with force feeding device(with hydraulic device).

1. For the common pressure type, it is widely used for making coal briquette, charcoal briquette, coke briquette, lignite briquette and other kinds of materials which are easy to be compressed. The picture of it as following:


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