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small corn mill/ grinding machine with single phase good for home use made for Russia client

If you have your own farm and feed many poultry or livestock, it is better to get a small corn mill in your farm. This small corn mill is good for grinding any kinds of cereal, such as maize, soybean, wheat, etc. The powder out of it can be minimum 0.075mm(200 mesh) and max 5mm. We can make different size sieves as you want. Meanwhile, as the sieves are very easy to change, it means you can buy one machine to make different size flour.

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Corn grinder/Corn mill/Maize grinder with good performance

Our corn grinder is one kind of most efficient grinding machine. It can grind many kinds of raw materials into small powder, such as corn, conch, spice, soybean, etc. The size of final powder crushed by it can be  min 200mesh(0.075mm). It is very fine powder. The spare parts of it are hammers and sieve. If you want to get different size final powder, you can buy extra sieves. It can be changed easily.


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Small grinding machine for crushing shell or conch

The small grinding machine can be called corn grinder or maize mill. It is one kind of crushing machine which is very gootd for getting small powders. The advantages of it as following:

1. Small dimension and easy to move

2. Final powder size can be 0.075mm(200mesh) to 3mm. 

3. Easy to operate

4. High efficiency(the smallest capacity can be 240kg/hour for 1.2mm powder) and low power consumption


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Corn flour milling machine/corn grinder/corn mill


The suitable raw materials:

Corn, wheat, bean, sorghum, rice, shell, herbs, etc. The size of the raw materials is better to be less than 5cm. If your raw materials is bigger, please tell us and we will adjust the feeding part for you.

The size of final power:

The final powder size can be 0.075mm(200mesh) to 3mm. 

Power for the corn flour milling machine:

Diesel engine or electric motor




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Fodder grinding machine made by E.P Machinery

The fodder grinding machine are used for grinding of materials such as Maize, Rice, Corn, Millet, Sugar,Spices, Cereals, Wheat.

The main parts of it is motor, rotating disk with hammers on it and sieves. The size of the final power crushed by it can be 200mesh to 3mm. If you need other size, please let me know, we can let our factory specially design it for you. 

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Economical flour mill with excellet workmanship

 The flour mill made by our E.P Machinery is an economic and efficient mill. It can crush many kinds of grains into powder type. Such as corn, wheat, soya, sorghum, cassave and so on. It not only can be used for grinding dry materials, also can be used for grinding wet materials. It is very popular in farm and grain processing facotry. Here I want to show you some details of  the flour mill for your better understanding:


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Maize Mill
Our Maize Mills(also called corn mill, maize flour mill, corn crushing machine) are for grinding of dry materials such as Maize, Rice, Corn, Millet, Sugar,Spices, Cereals, Wheat, Sorghum, Beans, Barley, Coffee, etc., into powder form. This Maize Mill is hot selling in African Countries and European Countries. It is attracted for its grinding capability in Gari Manufacturing Industries, Spice Manufacturing Industries, Maize Flour Manufacturers etc.
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