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Coal ball briquetting machine for civil and industrial coal production

The coal ball briquetting machine is suitable for civil and industrial coal production. It features in excellent technical performance, compact structure, reasonable assembly process, special alloy rollers, and long life-span. In addition, it also solves the troubles of low molding pressure and low strength problem in coal briquette production, and can be the ideal machine in this field.


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Punching type coal press for making coal rod

For a better using of the waste coal powder, it is a good way to press them into different shapes. Here I will introduce our punching type coal press to you. In China, the punching type coal press was previous designed for making honeycomb briquettes, so it also can be named as honeycomb briquette machine. For now, the punching type coal press can be used to make briquettes with different shape and decorative pattern. You can get coal rod with or without holes on it.


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Punching type coal briquette machine for US clients

The punching type coal briquette machine in the picture was made for one of our US clients. The shape of the final briquettes is round shape with a centre hole on it. The diameter of the final briquettes is 220mm. The height of it is 90mm. This kind of coal briquette machine is good at making coal or charcoal bars. The shape can be cylinder shape or hexagonal shape.

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coal bar briquette machine with high pressure

Suitable materials for the small coal briquette machine

2014/5/12 Comments:0charcoal bar briquette machinecoal bar briquette machinecharcoal briquette making machinecoal briquette making machinehoneycomb briquette machine
coal ball making machine with hydraulic system

Coal ball making machine can be sorted of:


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10TPH coal briquette line for our Kenya client

On April 1st,2014, the 10ton/hour coal briquette line made for our Kenya client was delivered to China Qingdao port. The coal briquette line is made up of crushing machine, liquid binder mixer, double shaft mixer, briquette machine and box dryer, as well as some auxiliary equipment such as conveyors and electric cabinet.  All the machines are packed into three 40FT containers. For the briquette machine, it is model HSYQ-650 with hydraulic device.

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charcoal briquette forming machine

 For getting better fuel efficiency, sometime we will need to make the charcoal pieces or charcoal powder into high density briquettes. There are many different kinds charcoal briquette machines, some of them can press the charcoal into bar , some can press the charcoal into ball shape, bread shape or other shape with cambered edge.  Here I mainly introduce the two kinds briquette machines for making charcoal bar with or without hole. Both of them can make round or hexagon charcoal bar.


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Complete Briquette Making Equipment

Briquetting technology


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coal ball making machine with high pressure

Coal ball making machine also called mineral powder briquette press machine, roller briquette press machine or ball shape forming machine, etc. is used to press the powder materials which are difficult to form and shape.


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durable coal ball press machine

 Introduction of the coal ball press machine

 As a main heating source, coal is widely used in many fields, usually the coal block is directly used for boiler, but the small size coal dust or ash are difficult for burning, many of them are wasted or threw, this causes great energy waste. In order to solve the problem, the application and processing of the coal dust become very necessary.


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