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Screw charcoal bar extruder for making different length charcoal bar

The screw charcoal bar extruder is one kind of high effiency charcoal bar making machine. It can be used to make coal briqeuttes or charcoal briquettes. There is a screw in it. When you feed the charcoal into it, the screw will rotating to press the charcoal getting through the mold for forming. The shape of the final briquettes can be round, square, hexagonal, triangle, etc. For our new design screw charcoal bar extruder, there is an automatic cutter on it, so it allows you to adjust the lenght of charcoal bars as you want.


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Lifting type carbonization stove/charcoal furnace/charcoal making machine

Here I will introduce one kind of fast carbonization furnance to you. It is one carbonization furnace with a separable inner barrel. The furnace is well sealed to keep heat during working so it can shorten the time for burning process and carbonizing process. What's more, the speparable inner barrel can be taken out for cooling. At this time, you can change another inner barrel for next batch, so it also save the time for cooling process. You can get one batch charcoal from it after 6hour to 8hours. It is most fast charcoal furnace in the market by now.


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Carbonization furnace for making charcoal briquette

 In order to get higher heating value, most of our clients prefer to make wood or other biomass raw materials into charcoal. Normally for some high density raw materials, such as wood logs , wood branch and so on. For some other powder type raw materials, such as rich husk, straw,ect. They can't be carbonized directly. As it is easy to be burnt into ash when carbonizing, so they need to be made into high density briquettes first. In that case, we can make the briquettes into charcoal. 

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