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Customer from Ivory Coast for charcoal briquette extruder

On June 10th, 2014, one customer from Ivory Coast comes to us for visiting our factory.  We picked him up at Xinzheng international airport. Then we have a short meeting in our office of downtown. After a pleasant lunch, we came to our factory to check and test the machines. What he is looking for is charcoal briquette extruding machine and some auxiliary equipment such as mixing machine, conveyor, etc. we tested the main machines for him and he felt quite good for  the result.


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charcoal briquette forming machine

 For getting better fuel efficiency, sometime we will need to make the charcoal pieces or charcoal powder into high density briquettes. There are many different kinds charcoal briquette machines, some of them can press the charcoal into bar , some can press the charcoal into ball shape, bread shape or other shape with cambered edge.  Here I mainly introduce the two kinds briquette machines for making charcoal bar with or without hole. Both of them can make round or hexagon charcoal bar.


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Roller type coal briquette machine made by E.P Machinery

General introduction of the roller type coal briquette machine, charcoal powder briquetting machine, coal briquetting machine

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Charcoal briquette machine ordered by our Bulgaria clients

 Yesterday, it was November 1st, the charcoal briquette equipment and biomass pellet making equipment ordered by our Bulgaria clients was preparing to be shipped. They ordered several different machines from us, including crushing machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, wood pellet mill, charcoal briquette extruder, double shaft mixer, liquid binder mixer, etc. The total delivery time of all the machines is 25 working days according to our contract. 

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Charcoal briquette production line introduction

 Charcoal Briquette Machine Introduction

Charcoal briquettes are made of all kinds of agro-wastes and forest residues. If there are abundant biomass resource available, you can consider starting a charcoal briquette plant. Charcoal briquettes have wide application both in industrial and home use featured with high density, small volume & good combustibility. We provide three kinds of charcoal briquette machines which are ordinary charcoal briquette machine, energy-saving charcoal briquetting machine and hydraulic charcoal briquette machine. Our professional salesman can give you suggestions to choose the most suitable type.

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coal ball making machine with high pressure

Coal ball making machine also called mineral powder briquette press machine, roller briquette press machine or ball shape forming machine, etc. is used to press the powder materials which are difficult to form and shape.


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Charcoal bar extruder made by E.P Machinery

Coal/charcoal bar extruder features and benefits:

1.Our charcoal bar extruder machine absorbs the advanced technique at home and abroad. 

2.Innovative design and reliable quality

3.Key parts are processed by imported high quality materials.

4.High strength and toughness

5.Temperature control, durability, adaptability

6.High production capacity




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sawdust briquette machine

 Introduction of sawdust briquette machine:

HSZB (series) Biomass briquetting is the process of converting substantialbiomass agro/wood wastes into high density and energy concentrated hollow bio fuelbriquettes (half-charcoal stick) under high pressure and temperature.


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Charcoal briquette extruder with excellent performance

1 : General Description of the charcoal briquette extruder

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1 ton/h charcoal briquette forming machine

Part One:Working principle of  charcoal briquette forming machine:

Firstly, the motor transmits power to transmission through the belt;
At the sane time, the transmission output shaft transmits power to propeller through the floating coupling;
Then, the thruster of propeller push forward coal through formingdie to produce the ideal hiah-pressure coal stick.

Part Two : Outstanding Features of  charcoal briquette forming machine

It can suitable for charcoal powder , wood charcoal powder , coco nut shell charcoal powder , rice husk
charcoal powder , charcoal dust , coal powder

Material suitable size : <3mm

The shape and size of stick can be made as require , like round , hexagon , cinquefoil , and others , in the 
stick center , it can with hole or not .

For the length , it has the auto cutter .


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