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Screw charcoal bar extruder for making different length charcoal bar

The screw charcoal bar extruder is one kind of high effiency charcoal bar making machine. It can be used to make coal briqeuttes or charcoal briquettes. There is a screw in it. When you feed the charcoal into it, the screw will rotating to press the charcoal getting through the mold for forming. The shape of the final briquettes can be round, square, hexagonal, triangle, etc. For our new design screw charcoal bar extruder, there is an automatic cutter on it, so it allows you to adjust the lenght of charcoal bars as you want.


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Charcoal bar extruder with automatic cutter

The charcoal bar extruder is good for making round shape or hexagonal shape charcoal bar.  The diameter of the charcoal bar made by it can be 6mm to 40mm as you want. Meanwhile, for the cross-section shape of the charcoal bar, we can design as you want. Normally the charcoal briquette made by this machine is solid briquettes. However, if you are specially needed, we can also make molds for making briquettes with holes.


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Punching type coal briquette machine for US clients

The punching type coal briquette machine in the picture was made for one of our US clients. The shape of the final briquettes is round shape with a centre hole on it. The diameter of the final briquettes is 220mm. The height of it is 90mm. This kind of coal briquette machine is good at making coal or charcoal bars. The shape can be cylinder shape or hexagonal shape.

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Charcoal bar making machine with CE certificate

The suitable raw materials for charcoal bar making machine:

1. charcoal  2. coal  3. coke 4. lignite, etc

Working principle: Punching type

For forming good quality briquettes, the binder will be needed. 


2014/5/16 Comments:1charcoal bar making machinecoal bar making machinecharcoal briquette making machinecharcoal extrudercoal extruder
charcoal briquette extruding machine

Charcoal Briquette Extruding Machine Introduction

Charcoal powder briquette machine is used to process the charcoal powder into charcoal briquettes. Mature technology, stable performance and easy operation, our charcoal powder briquette machine enjoys extensive popularity among clients. With high Calorific value and density, the charcoal briquettes produced by our charcoal powder briquette machine are most suitable for industrial boilers, home heating, barbecue, etc.
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