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PTO200 wood pellet mill and 15HP wood pellet mill for Italian client

200 roller rotating type pellet mill is good for home using. For the power of it, it can be electric motor, diesel engine or tractor. If you have a tractor in your farm, you can choose a PTO model. It allows you to operate it outside.

The detailed parameter of 200 roller rotating type pellet mill as following:


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Electric motor and diesel engine are the most popular power source for our pellet mill. But sometimes, a few clients want to connect their pellet mill with their home use tractor, as tractor is very common for farmers. The Tractor and pellet machine are connected with a PTO shaft.


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PTO wood pellet mill

 PTO Wood Pellet Mill Introduction

PTO refers to power take off. A PTO wood pellet mill is a kind of pellet making machine connected with a tractor and be powered by the tractor. This PTO wood pellet mill is a small pellet mill special designed for farm use.


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