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1TPH to 2TPH ring die wood pellet making line

Regarding to the application field and investing cost, now the pellet mills in the market can be divided into two types. One is flat die pellet mill and the other is ring die pellet mill. For the flat die pellet mills, the common capacity of them ranges from 50kg/h to 1000kg/h. It is good for home using or small scale factory using. For the ring die pellet mill, normally we will recommend MZLH-420 and MZLH-508 to our clients, the capacity of them are around 1000kg/h and 2000kg/h. It is good for big scale pellet making.


2015/3/9 Comments:01TPH wood pellet line2TPH wood pellet linering die wood pellet making linering die wood pellet line
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