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Wheel mixer for mixing charcoal and coal

In the process of making charcoal briquettes or bbq, we need to mix charcoal powder with binders. The wheel mixer is an ideal mixing machine for charcoal.

As we all know, charcoal is more lighter than coal. If we use the common paddle mixer to mix it, the result is not very good. However, the wheel mixer can overcome this problem. The two wheels can press the charcoal while mixing, so the density of the charcoal also can be inscreased. It is good for the briquette making in next process. Furthermore, we can control the mixing time for each batch by ourself  so the raw materials can be mixed evenly.


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3Tons/h aluminum briquette line for Thailand

This 3Tons/h aluminum briquette line for Thailand is made up of dosing hoppers, wheel mixer, screw conveyor, belt conveyor and briquette machine.

The capacity of the line is 3Tons/h for making 25mm diameter aluminum briquettes. If you use this line to make 50mm diameter aluminum briquettes, its capacity will reach 5Tons/hour.


2015/4/13 Comments:03TPH aluninum briquette line3Tons/h aluminum briquette linealuminum briquette making line
aluminite powder briquette line for Thailand client

After 30 days production, the briquette making machines for Thailand client are ready for delivery. This line is used for making aluminum briquettes. As we know, the aluminum powder is very light and hard to be pressed into briquettes.  In this case, there is a screw feeder on the top of our briquette machine. It can push the light powder into the forming part. Meanwhile, we use strong reducer and hydraulic pump to provide the high pressure for briquette making.

2015/4/13 Comments:0aluminite powder briquette linealuminum briquette machinedry powder briquette machinealuminum briquette making machinebriquette line for Thailand
PTO200 wood pellet mill and 15HP wood pellet mill for Italian client

200 roller rotating type pellet mill is good for home using. For the power of it, it can be electric motor, diesel engine or tractor. If you have a tractor in your farm, you can choose a PTO model. It allows you to operate it outside.

The detailed parameter of 200 roller rotating type pellet mill as following:


2015/3/26 Comments:0PTO pellet millPTO200PTO wood pellet mill15HP wood pellet mill
Wood pellet mill with screw force feeder with 500kg/h capacity

If you want to set up a small pellet making factory for supplying pellets to the surrounding towns, the capacity of the pellet line is better to be 500kg/h to 1000kg/h. In the view of cost-effective investment, we recommend the flat die pellet line to you. For a complete flat die pellet production line, it includes crusher, hot air dryer, roller rotating type wood pellet mill, cooler and packing machine. 


2015/3/17 Comments:0wood pellet mill500kg/h wood pellet millrotating roller type
Corn grinder/Corn mill/Maize grinder with good performance

Our corn grinder is one kind of most efficient grinding machine. It can grind many kinds of raw materials into small powder, such as corn, conch, spice, soybean, etc. The size of final powder crushed by it can be  min 200mesh(0.075mm). It is very fine powder. The spare parts of it are hammers and sieve. If you want to get different size final powder, you can buy extra sieves. It can be changed easily.


2015/3/16 Comments:0corn grindercorn millmaize grindermaize mill
2Ton/h charcoal extruder for Angola

The screw extruding type charcoal briquette machine is one of the most popular forming machine. The advanges of our extruder is that it can make high strength charcoal briquettes, the length of the briquettes can be adjusted and we can design different shape mold for you.

2015/3/13 Comments:02TPH charcoal extrudercharcoal extruding machine2Ton/h charcoal extruder
1TPH to 2TPH ring die wood pellet making line

Regarding to the application field and investing cost, now the pellet mills in the market can be divided into two types. One is flat die pellet mill and the other is ring die pellet mill. For the flat die pellet mills, the common capacity of them ranges from 50kg/h to 1000kg/h. It is good for home using or small scale factory using. For the ring die pellet mill, normally we will recommend MZLH-420 and MZLH-508 to our clients, the capacity of them are around 1000kg/h and 2000kg/h. It is good for big scale pellet making.


2015/3/9 Comments:01TPH wood pellet line2TPH wood pellet linering die wood pellet making linering die wood pellet line
Wheel mixer for mixing coal and charcoal

For making mineral briquetttes, in order to mix mineral powers with binders, we need a mixing machine to do this work. There are mainly two kinds of mixing machine in briquette production field, one is double shaft mixer and the other is wheel mixer.


2015/3/9 Comments:0wheel mixercharcoal mixer
Dosing machine/batch hopper for briquette production line

In the normal briquette production line, especially for coal briquette production line, charcoal briquette line or iron briquettte line. In order to control the percentage of binder and raw materials, we need to use the dosing machine. There are two hoppers for the dosing machine. One is for binder, the other for raw materials.


2015/3/6 Comments:0dosing machinedosing hopperdosing binbatching hopperbatching machine
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