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Small wood chipper for Indian clients

Two weeks ago, the disc wood chipper for our Indian clients were ready fo delivery. As their requirement, they asked for a smallest model for testing. The thickness of the final wood chips should be at lease 8mm.

The model we recommended to him is HSXP-500 with 7.5kw motor. The max feeding diameter of this model is 100mm. We have bigger models which can be fed with 400mm diameter wood logs. Normally, we can help you to adjust the angle of blades to control the thickness of final chips. The disc wood chipper is very common for using in paper-making industry.


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The lifting type smokeless wood charcoal carbonization furnace

Description of Airflow Carbonization Furnace:
The lifting type smokeless carbonization furnace is made of high temperature material by using high-tech environmental purification technology, which is durable without oxidation or deformation.

2015/6/18 Comments:1charcoal carbonization furnacelifting type carbonization furnacesmokeless carbonization furnace
Plastic Double-shaft Shredder for plastic/tire/electronic product/film/woven bag/wood

The plastic shredder can be divided into 3 different kinds, they are  single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and four shaft shredder. The main difference of them as following:
1-single shaft shredder:

2015/6/10 Comments:0plastic shredderdouble shaft shreddertire shredder
220 punching type charcoal briquettte machine for US client

Punching type charcoal briquette machine is one kind of high efficiency charcoal briquette making machine. It can be used to make uniform size charcoal briquettes. The diameter of the briquettes ranges from 30mm to 220mm as you want, the height of the briquettes can be 50mm-95mm. Meanwhile, depending on your requirement, we can design a center hole for you on the punched briquettes.

2015/6/10 Comments:1punching type charcoal briquette machinecharcoal briquette machinecharcoal bar briquette machine
small fish feed pellet mill and feed mixer for Nigeria

If you own a fishpond, it is a good choice to make fish feed by yourself. First you can make different size pellets for different kinds of fish. Second you can control the quality of pellets by yourself. Some fish feed in the market is not good enough.


2015/6/4 Comments:0fish feed pellet millfloating fish feed machinefish feed making machinefeed mixerfodder mixing machine
Waste tyre crusher with good performance

Tire crusher is used to broken steel radial tire and fiber bias tire into 50*50mm rubber block at room temperature. It breaks and removes the bead ring to conform its feed specifications of the various tire products.The structure mainly includes motor, speed reducer, casing, cutter, screen ring, transmission mechanism, frame, etc..


2015/6/4 Comments:0waste tyre crushertire crushertyre crushig machine
Simple charcoal briquettte making line for factory use

Comparing with coal, charcoal is much more clear when burning. As we all know, there are many poisonous elements in coal, such as sulfur, ash, etc. So normally we don't use coal for BBQ. Charcoal is converted from wood, it produces less smoke during combustion.


2015/6/3 Comments:1simple charcoal briquette making linesimple charcoal briquette line
Wheel mixer for mixing charcoal with binders

As its name shows, there are two wheels on the wheel mixer. During the mixing process, the two wheels will keep rotating to grinding the machines and press the binder into the raw materials.

The advantage of the wheel mixer is that it can mix the binder with raw materials very well. Normally it takes 10 minutes to 15 minutes per batch. Especially for charcoal briquette making process, it is very necessary to have a wheel mixer. As the charcoal powder is quite light, the binders will be absorbed by charcoal powder only after pressing.


2015/6/3 Comments:0charcoal mixing machinewheel mixercharcoal powder mixing machine
Hydraulic transmission type wood shaving machine with good performance

1.Advance technology, base on Turkey process technology, do some improvement on its design, in steady of welding connection, we use accurate punching and embed method which avoid loosing with the machine when its running


2015/6/1 Comments:0wood shaving machine
Tyre shredding machine for hard soild materials

Tyre shredding machine is mainly used for shredding the hard solid materials, like plastics, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, cardboard, circuit board, plastic bucket, and so on. Users can choose the suitable models of shredding machine according to the feeding materials size and handling capacity. 


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