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Three Drum Sand Rotary Dryer

The three drum rotary dryer is used to dry ore slag, flyash, quartz sand, etc, the size should be below 20mm. The rotary dryer shell is self-insulation, thermal efficiency up to 80%(single drum dryer is only 35), the production increase 100%. The whole shell length is shorter than the single drum 60%, it is good for the technology layout, reduce the factory area, and reduce the foundation investment.

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Hydraulic Biomass Briquette Press

Hydraulic biomass briquette press can process various kinds of biomass agro-cultural materials, such as stalks, grass, rice husks, stalks, barks, sawdust, etc into different sizes of blocks. Features ...

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Pellet Machine Specialise in Sawdust

Based on the feed pellet mill, we newly develop and produce the special pellet machine for sawdust, straw, stalks, grass, kinds of biomass materials. The biomass pelleting machine adopts special high quality materials and advanced shaft driving device, high quality alloy steel mixing with wear-resisting materials and reducer.

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Feed Pellet Mill

Originally, all pellet mills were used to process animal feeds. In fact, our first pellet mills were manufactured for this purpose over ten years ago and have since been enhanced. Our feed pellet mills now handle a variety of raw materials and can process oil cake as well as mixed waste materials.

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Hot Air Dryer

Hot air dryer is the wonder equipment to remove moisture of light powder materials through the long pipes. Our hot air is especially applicable to sawdust, rice husk, etc.

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Hammer Mill

The Hammer Mill is a type of impact mill or milling machine, in which materials are reduced in size by hammers revolving rapidly in a vertical plane within a steel casing. A milling machine which pulverizes and mills feed and other wood chips and stalks by several rows of thin hammers revolving at high speed.

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Wood Crusher

Wood Crusher is using for supporting Pelletizer and this Wood Crusher can reduce the size of raw wood from 250 MM into 3-5 MM. During the working process, the raw wood will be chipped, re-crushed and sieved, the wood crusher combines both chipping and crushing in one machine to get the wood sawdust directly.

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Wood Shaving Machine

This Wood Shaving Machine can make the raw wood, wood branches and wood logs into Wood Shavings for animal bedding, etc. It is best selling in African market.

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