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500 KG/H Charcoal briquette extruder

This charcoal briquette extruder is extruding pressure type. It is also named as charcoal bar extruder. It is mainly used for compressing charcoal, coal  powder into solid briquettes. The finished briquettes can be used for BBQ or other purpose.

The charcoal briquette extruder is matched with automatic cutter, which is specially designed by us. It can save a lot of labor cost for you. The briquettes made by it has good appearance and uniform size.

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Shisha charcoal briquette production line

Since 2014, more and more people are requiring the shisha charcoal briquette production line. To supply the best workable equipment, We E.P Machinery designed the new line for clients to make shisha charcoal briquettes. The whole line includes: crusher, mixer, silo, briquette press, packing machine and so on. For more details, please read more and contact us via email. 

2016/10/28 Comments:3shisha charcoal lineshishia machinecharcoal press
2.5T-3.5T/H large hammer mill

Large wood mill is based on our dual-motor wood shredder improved, the introduction of the high-end technology at home and abroad to make up for the dual-motor wood grinder work in the dust problems, and to make the equipment more rationalization of more Practical.

2016/10/11 Comments:0large hammer mill
Roller briquette machine is used for making rock briquettes

Roller briquette machine is our best selling model in briquetting production field, which can be used for pressing coal powders, coke powders, rock powders, desulfurized gypsum, etc. 

2016/9/24 Comments:0stone powder briquette machine
2Ton/h wet type floating fish feed pellet machine with steam boiler

This 2Ton/h wet type floating fish feed pellet machine was ordered by Nepal client. It is screw type fish feed extruding machine. The fish feed pellets made by it can float above water for 12 to 36 hours. The steam boiler for it is used to ripen the feed pellets, which is good for pet or fish tasting.


2016/8/24 Comments:2wet type fish feed pellet millfloating fish feed pellet machinepellet machine with steam boiler
charcoal crusher/hydraulic cubic charcoal press/ charcoal mixing machine for Venezuela

The charcoal crusher, hydraulic cubic charcoal press and charcoal mixing machine are made for one client from Venezuela.

This charcoal crusher is specially improved for crushing charcoal. As we all know, charcoal powder is very light. In order to avoid dust flying around, it is very important to add dust-collectors on it. There are total 3 dust collecting bags for this machine. The function of them are avoiding dust and collect charcoal powder.


2016/8/19 Comments:0charcoal crusherhydraulic cubic charcoal presscharcoal mixing machinewheel mixer
Screw extrusion coal pellet machine with high output

In order to take good advantage of waste coal powder, we can make them into different shape by different kinds of press machine. The screw type coal pellet machine we are going to introduce today is one kind of coal powder briquette machine. In most of european countries, coal stove is one kind of main tool for cooking or heating. There is one kind of self-feeding coal stove there. With the screw in it, the coal particles will be fed into the stove slowly, very convenient for using. The coal fed into the screw feeder should be small size. The coal pellet machine is very good for making samll size coal pellets.


2016/8/4 Comments:0screw extrusion coal pellet machinecoal pellet extruderscrew type coal pellet machine
wood biomass briquette production line made by E.P

For wood biomass briquette production line, the function of it is to transfrom waste biomass raw materials into high density briquettes. As we all know, the heating value of biomass briquettes is higher than wood logs, which is very good for burning. What's more, you can carbonized them into charcoal briquettes, which is one kind of clean fuel.


2016/8/4 Comments:1wood briquette machinebiomass briquette linewood biomass briquette production line
Anthracite briquette machine/ smokelss coal briquette press machine
Anthracite coal briquetting machine is making powdery or granular raw materials into a larger more convenient size with different shapes. This is accomplished by compacting the raw materials with the rollers pressing.
2016/8/4 Comments:0anthracite briquette machinepet coke briquette press machineanthracite ball press
Big disk wood chipping machine for Indian client for 400mm wood logs

In the Wednesday of last week, one of our Indian client visited us. He was going to check our wood chopping machine. The diameter of his wood logs are almost 400mm. In this case, he will need a big wood chipper.

What's more, for big size wood logs, they are too heavy to be fed manually. In order to feed the wood logs easily, the feeding inlet of the wood chipper should be horizontal. Also there should be a feeding belt covneyor for supporting and transporting the wood logs. As checking and testing the machine, he finally chose our 1600 model. The capacity of it is 30Ton/hour. The max feeding diameter of it is 400mm. The power of it is 160kw. The weight of machine is 6300kg.


2016/8/2 Comments:0disk wood chipperwood chipping machinewood chipper for India
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