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500kg/hour wood pellet line for our Macedonia clients

On October 15th, 2013, one complete 500kg/h wood pellet  line ordered by one of our Macedonia is really for shipping. This is a complete wood pellet production line which is made up of wood crusher, hot air dryer, wood pellet mill, cooling machine, packing machine and some other auxiliary components like screw conveyors, air dust fliter, etc. It is also equipped with electric control cabinet which can let him to control the whole line easily. For the spare parts of the line, we always recommend our clients to buy two suits extra spare parts for the crusher and pellet mill. For other machines in the line, there are no special wearing parts on them. 


2013/10/14 Comments:0500kg/hour wood pellet linewood pellet linewood pellet production linesawdust briquette production linepellet making machine
Fodder grinding machine made by E.P Machinery

The fodder grinding machine are used for grinding of materials such as Maize, Rice, Corn, Millet, Sugar,Spices, Cereals, Wheat.

The main parts of it is motor, rotating disk with hammers on it and sieves. The size of the final power crushed by it can be 200mesh to 3mm. If you need other size, please let me know, we can let our factory specially design it for you. 

2013/10/9 Comments:0Fodder grinding machinegrinding millgrinderflour millcorn millmaize mill
Pillow briquette machine for making coal or charcoal briquettes

The pillow briquette machine for coal or charcoal is one kind of good forming machine for making coal briquettes or charcoal briquettes. The shape of the final briquettes can be pillow, oval, bread, ball, etc. As you know, the rollers is main forming part of the pillow briquette machine, we just need to change the grooves on the rollers to get various shape briquettes.


2013/10/8 Comments:0pillow briquette machineball briquette machinecoal briquette machinebriquette making machine
Complete Project of Biomass Briquetting Plant

Due to the increase on cost of conventional fuel(such as coal and gas) and the need for new energy source, more people start to focus on "green" fuel business to produce renewable, clean and eco-friendly fuel briquettes. Our biomass briquetting machines are suitable for customers from agro-forestry countries with a desire to convert biomass waste into valuable biofuel for domestic use or for exportation, and also our machines are best choice for European individual user who has focused on biofuel production under government support. We can design the complete project of Biomass Briquette Plant for you.


2013/9/26 Comments:3biomass briquetting plantbiomass briquette making machinebiomass briquette production line
500kg/h wood pellet mill matching EU standard
2013/9/24 Comments:0wood pellet mill500kg/h wood pellet mill350 wood pellet millwood pellet making machinewood pellet machine
Ring die wood pellet machine

 SZLH-Series Ring Die Wood Pellet (Making) Machine is designed for the industrial production which includes MZLH-420 with output 800-1000kg/1hour; SZLH-600 with output 1800-2200kg/1hour; And SZLH-800 with output 3500-4500kg/1hour.


2013/9/16 Comments:1wood pellet millring die wood pellet millwood pellet making machinewood pellet machine
Complete wood pellet production line

Complete wood pellet production line is to make the agro-forestry wastes into solid fuel/wood pellet with 20 continuous running, CE, 4 patents, less power, stable function, good quality, professional after-sale service.


2013/9/16 Comments:0wood pellet production linewood pellet making linewood pellet line
Introduction of ring die pellet making machine

Ring Die Pellet making machines are identifiable by the circular "ring" shape of their extrusion die. Generally small  wheels in the center of the ring ride on the die and force the raw material through the extrusion holes. They are capable of very large amounts of production and they don't wear out as quickly as flat plate mills. They are quite a bit heavier than flat plate mills. They are usually more expensive and are prefered by commercial pellet mills. 


2013/9/10 Comments:0pellet making machinering die pellet making machinevertical type pellet making machine
Turnkey pellet production line made by E.P

 The turnkey pellet production line is made up of crushing system, drying system, pelletizing system, cooling and screening system, packing system, dust collection system and electronical control system. It is a highly integrated project which is very practical and high efficency.


2013/9/2 Comments:0turnkey pellet production linepellet production linewood pellet production linering die pellet production line
Hungary Client visit our factory for ring die pellet production line

On August 28th, one of our clients from Hungary came to us. He want to purchase a turnkey pellet production line from China. By comparing several pellet equipment manufacturers on Internet, he finally chose our factory. As a wholesaler in Hungary, he believe that the pellets have prospective future in EU countries. As the prices of natural gas and coal are getting higher and higher there. He want to build a long term cooperation with us for the pellet making equipment after the visiting. 

2013/9/2 Comments:0ring die pellet production line
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