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Floating fish feed machine

 Fish Feed Extruder Introduction
Fish feed extruder is primary used for producing high-grade puffing pellets for fishes like catfish, carp, tilapia,salmon, trout,and aquarium fish,etc. A wide range of raw materials contain cereals, fish meal, soybean, other vegetable protein meals, fats and oils can be processed into pellets by Whirlston fish feed extruder. According to your requirement and production scale, it can be classified into dry type and wet type.

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Dry power briquette press machine

Dry Powder Briquette Press Machine

Briquettes made with binders are usually pressed at low pressure. When briquettes are made without binders, however, the success of the process depends upon crushing or plastically deforming the particles to bring them closely together.
High Pressure Dry Powder Briquette Press Machine is widely used to make briquettes from various powdery materials, including aluminium powder, magnesium powder, ore powder, active charcoal powder, alumina, caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), clay, coke powder, coal, cryolite, chemical fertilizer, plastic, calces, pigment etc. without using binder. The main purpose of the machine is to reduce powder pollution, minimize size/capacity of raw material, recycle and make more it convenient for transportation.

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Complete Briquette Making Equipment

Briquetting technology


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High pressure dry powder briquette machine

High pressure dry powder briquette machine can make briquettes from a wide range of powdery materials, including carbamide, pigment, calces, plastic, chemical fertilizer, cryolite, coal, coke powder, clay, caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), alumina, active charcoal powder, ore dust, iron ore, magnesium powder, aluminum powder and many other mineral powder materials. Unlike ordinary briquettes, dry powder briquettes need no binder during briquetting process.


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Coal briquetting line ranges from 1ton/hour to 20ton/hour

 The briquetting machine works on the principle of Green forming process. The main process of the coal briquetting line consists of :
1. Coal Pulveriser

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Coal and charcoal briquette press machine

High efficient coal briquette machine is an equipment which can press variety of coal powder, coal dust, coal slime, coking coal, coke powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, iron scurf, iron oxide skin, active carbon, slag, gypsum, limestone, plastic, kaolin and tailings into ball. 

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New fish feed pellet extruder for US client

 Introduction of our fish feed pellet extruder:

The fish feed pellet extruder is specially designed for making feed pellets for pet,fish or any other aquatic.The working principle of it is to puffing the raw materials in the forming mould,then there is a hole on the ends of the mould,the puffed raw materials will come out of the mould from the hole.Then there is cutter nearby the mould for cutting the bar into pieces.

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Hydraulic shisha tablet press with 49 pieces per punching

Hydraulic shisha tablet press with 49 pieces per punching are specially designed by our E.P Machinery. The first set was made for one Jordan client and now it works very well. This hydraulic shisha tablet press machine is with reliable performance, longer service life and safety operation, which also has higher pressure 30 Tons, which is more higher than normal mechanical type and other screw type briquette machine. 

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Sponge iron Briquette machine

 Hydraulic sponge iron Briquette machine with high pressure Predominance :

1. China's largest high-pressure ball machine manufacturers.

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Hookah Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

Our shisha or hookah charcoal briquette machine can press powder materials into round, square, rectangular or other shape tablet. This hookah charcoal press is applicable for making small tablets from charcoal powder. The hookah charcoal briquette is in good density, perfect shape, and good appearance. Meanwhile, it is easy for combustion, no smell and last longer when burning.

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