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Rotary dryer/drum dryer/Sawdust dryer/wood chip dryer

 Main structure of sawdust dryer
1. Sawdust dryer is composed of the cylinder, before and after the roller circle, a large gear, gear roll, drag roller, a small gear, a feeding device, lifting plate, reducer, motor, feeding devices and other components.

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Roller type coal briquette machine made by E.P Machinery

General introduction of the roller type coal briquette machine, charcoal powder briquetting machine, coal briquetting machine

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Hydraulic charcoal tablet press with high pressure

 The hyddraulic charcoal tablet press is good at making shisha charcoal with high density. We have different models with different capacity, such as HSYYP-49 is the model which can make 49pcs per batch, and it is 6-10 batch/minutes, the capacity of it is above 17,000 pieces per hour. There are also HSYYP-16, HSYYP-20 and HSYYP-63 models for your choosing. After pressed with the high pressure and with suitable binder, the final charcoal tablets can't be broken by hands. It also means that it will not be broken during transportation.


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Wood chips hammer mill for our Italy clients

As we all know, no matter for making pellets or briquettes, the size of the raw materials should be less than 5mm.  Most of the biomass materials in natural can't be used for making pellets or briquettes directly. In that case, we will need crushing machine to deal with them first. According to different size of the raw materials, we have wood crusher and hammer mill for choosing. The wood crusher is used to crush hard materials with diameter from 50mm to 300mm. The hammer mill is used to crush raw materials with diameter less than 50mm, such as wood chips, grass, etc.

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Biomass briquette machine for our German Client

 For our briquette machines, they are all screw type. The working principle of them is that the raw materials will be pressed under high pressure in the forming mould. Meanwhile, there are three heating rings for supplying high temperature. Under the high pressure and high temperature, the lignin in the biomass materials will be released out  to be the binder. The diameter and shape of the forming mold decide the size and shape of the final briquettes. 


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10ton/hour coal ball press line made by E.P Machinery

Suitable materials:
Coal, coke, carbon black, charcoal, lignite, etc

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800kg/h wood pellet line for our Italy client

 On December 20th, 2013, the 800kg/h wood pellet line for our Italy client was finished and ready for delivery. The wood pellet line is made up of wood crusher, hot dryer dryer, wood pellet mill, cooler and screw conveyors, there is also a electric control cabients to control the whole line.


2013/12/22 Comments:1wood pellet line800kg/h wood pellet linewood pellet making machinewood pellet production line
Wood Log Splitter, wood splitting machine





2013/12/19 Comments:0wood log splitterwood splitting machinelog splitterlog splitting machine
wood debarker with high efficiency

1.Brief introduction for debarker :

Wood Barking/peeler machine is suitable for large, medium and small paper mills, pulp mill, wood factory, wood processing plant, forestry factory, timber yard, artificial board factory (such as plywood plant, medium density fiberboard factory etc.).

2013/12/19 Comments:1wood debarkerdebarking machinewood log debarkerwood debarking machine
Disk wood Chipper

 Wood chipper machine, also called wood dicer machine, can cut raw materials such as wood logs, slab, veneer, bamboo wood, branch, corn stalk, cotton stalk, reed and other non-wood fiberglass pole into uniform chippers. The length can be adjusted according to various requirements. Wood chipper machine is the ideal equipment for paper-making industry and sheet material industry. Wood chipper machine can be divided into disk chipper machine and drum-type chipper machine.


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