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coal briquette pressing machine with E.P technology

 The working principle of the coal briquette pressing machine

The roller briquette machine is used to pressing powder type mineral into high density briquettes. By doing this, it can make a good use of the waste and save a lot of cost for transportation. There are two matching rollers on it. The molds on the rollers decide the shape of the final briquettes. It can be used for pressing coal, charcoal, iron ore, aluminium powder, etc.

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15 Ton/hour coke briquette making line

 15 Ton/hour coke briquette making line


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Roller type charcoal briquette machine

 As I said in the last article, there is one kind of briquette machine which can press charcoal powder into ball shape briquette or pillow shape briquette. It is our roller type briquette machine. Accturally, this roller briquette machine is not only can be used to make charcoal briquette. It also can be used to make coal briquette, coke briquette, iron briquette or other minerial briquette. 


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charcoal briquette forming machine

 For getting better fuel efficiency, sometime we will need to make the charcoal pieces or charcoal powder into high density briquettes. There are many different kinds charcoal briquette machines, some of them can press the charcoal into bar , some can press the charcoal into ball shape, bread shape or other shape with cambered edge.  Here I mainly introduce the two kinds briquette machines for making charcoal bar with or without hole. Both of them can make round or hexagon charcoal bar.


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Clients visiting for flat die pellet production line from Lithuania

Last week, one of our clients who came from Lithuania visit us. He wanna to build a 500kg/hour pellet production line without packing process in his country. We show him the pellet mill, wood crusher and hammer mill in our showroon and talked about more details of the line later. in the following are the photos we took in our meeting room:


2014/1/23 Comments:0flat die pellet mill500kg/h pellet millwood pellet making plantwood pellet making line
carbon black briquette machine and wheel mixer for our Korean client

On January 21th, 2014, the briquette machine and wheel mixer for our Korean client was ready for delivery. They planed to use the briquette machine for making carbon black briquettes. As we all know, carbon black is gotten from the waste tyres. It is hard to be formed as it is very light and not insoluble in water. Normally, some suppliers will recommend the clients to buy high pressure briquette machine to form the briquettes. It will cost a lot. After doing a lot of experiments, we find a good way to solve this problem. After adding different additives, the carbon black briquettes can be formed by small briquette machine.  

2014/1/23 Comments:0carbon black briquette machinerubber carbon briquette machinecarbon black briquetting machinecarbon briquette machine
Italy clients visit us for the ring die pellet production line

 On January 22th, 2014, three gentlemen from Italy visited us for the ring die pellet production line. They are looking for a 2ton/hour wood pellet production line from chipping process to the final packing process. As our factory was off work for the Spring festival, we come to our sales department office for discussing. We had a pleasant time with each other. We reviem the offer we quoted to them before and talked some details in it. We do hope to have a good cooperation in the future.

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Wet type floating fish feed pellet mill for our Mexico client

 As we all know, the floating fish feed pellet extruder can be divided into two types. One is dry type without conditioner, the other is wet type with conditioner. Comparing with dry type floating fish feed pellet mill. the capacity of the wet type is higher. The wet type pellet extruder should be equipped with a boiler for providing steam to its container.


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Drum wood chipping machine for Malaysia clients

Drum wood chipper instruction
Drum wood chipper features a large, motor-powered drum located at the center of the machine. It is a dedicated device producing quality wood chips for energy generation and wood pulp industry. That’s why it is popular in places where wood chips used as the starting material for further production like wood pellet plant, particleboard mill, fiberboard factory, biomass power plant, etc. The chipping materials are of great variety such as wood, stalk or straw, etc. Our wood drum chipper is extremely robust and scientifically designed which can transfer wood materials into uniform and high quality chips.


2014/1/17 Comments:1Drum wood chipping machinedrum wood chipperwood chipping machinewood chips making machine
500kg/hour wood pellet press with automatic lubricating system

Just as we just said before,flat plate pellet mill is designed for making animal food pellets for chicken,duck,rabbit,sheep,birds,fish and so on.later,as the development and improvement of the technology,pellet mill can also make wood sawdust into small pellets for fuel.sawdust pellet mill is most suitable for small scale sawdust pellet production and light industrial use.using such a kind of sawdust pellet mill to produce pellets,such types MXK wood pellet mill is best for making wood sawdust pellets,because this kind of flat die machine is roller rotates,but die is fixed, which is specially developed for wood sawdust,

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