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coal ball press machine and coal ball making line

Normally, for one complete coal ball making line, it should be made up of materials drying process, crushing process, dosing process, briquette making process(coal ball press machine) and briquette drying process.


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coal ball making machine with hydraulic system

Coal ball making machine can be sorted of:


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15TPH hydraulic coal briquette machine for Irish client

The hydraulic coal briquette machine is made for our Irish client. The capacity of this model is 15Ton per hour. There are four hydraulic cylinders on it. The power for the hydraulic pump station is 5.5kw.


2014/4/29 Comments:015TPH hydraulic coal briquette machinehydraulic coal briquette lineCoal briquette production linecoal ball pressing plant
New type ring die pellet machine

Wood pellet machine can process sawdust, rice husk, bamboo powders, corn stalks, wood pieces, wood branches, grass, any other agro-wastes materials, etc.
Working principle
The motor drives the main shaft rotates by the gear box, and then the main shaft drives the rollers and make the roller and die generate the friction, the feeding materials are compressed into pellets. The pellets diameter can be 6, 8, 10 mm according to customerization.
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200kg/hour dog feed pellet mill for our Jamacian Client

On April 20th, 2014, the floating fish feed pellet mill and mixing machine for our Jamacian client were ready for delivery. It is our model DGP-70, the capcity of it is 200kg/hour for making floating fish feed pellets. The diameter of the pellets can be 0.9-10mm. The pellets made by it can different shapes which can be used for feeding fish and other pet like dogs. So it also can be called dog feed pellet mill. 


2014/4/21 Comments:0200kg/hour dog feed pellet milldog feed pellet millfloating fish feed pellet mill
300 flat die pellet mill for our Spanish client

Last Friday, a flat die pellet mill for our Spanish client is ready for delivery.  This model is good for home use and if you buy it, you can meet your own requirements for burning pellets and you can also make pellets for selling. It can be easily operated. The raw materials for it can be sawdust, grass, coconut shell, etc. The main specification of it as following:


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2TPH ring die pellet plant

Working principle of 2TPH ring die pellet plant:

This line is an eco-friendly process. it is not only applied to make pellets from sawdust, also we can use wood, wood chippings, straw, corn stlk,bamboo and so on into fuel. It includes an feeding system, high chrom pressure roller and stainless ring die, high accurate gearbox, automatic lubrication system. The granulated material is transferred to the chamber to make wood pellets or other pellets, By spinning roller and pressure rollers in the chamber force the material through the holes of the die, thus pellets are formed. After pelletizing, the length of the pellet can be changed by adjusting the knife in the chamber.


2014/4/15 Comments:02TPH ring die pellet plantring die pellet making machine2ton/hour ring die pellet millwood pellet mill
Briquette dryer for coal briquette production line

 As we all know, no matter for making coal briquettes or charcoal briquettes, normally we will need to add binding materials into it. Most of the binding materials have high moisture. In this case, the moisture of the final briquettes will be also increased. So normally we will need a drying machine to deal with the briquettes. After drying, the strength of the briquettes will be enhence and the burning performance will also be improved.

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10TPH coal briquette line for our Kenya client

On April 1st,2014, the 10ton/hour coal briquette line made for our Kenya client was delivered to China Qingdao port. The coal briquette line is made up of crushing machine, liquid binder mixer, double shaft mixer, briquette machine and box dryer, as well as some auxiliary equipment such as conveyors and electric cabinet.  All the machines are packed into three 40FT containers. For the briquette machine, it is model HSYQ-650 with hydraulic device.

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diesel driven wood pellet machine

Diesel engine pellet mill is popular in the international market for it's competitve price and stable perofrmance.it can be equipped with wheels.so very easy to move to the place where material located. Material can be all kinds of ago-wastes, stalks, grass, straw, wasdust, bamboo. wood chips. shavings. waste paper. coal powder.etc.

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