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A wonderful day for our sales department--tour to Shen Nong Mountain

 On April 7th, 2013. It was a wonderful day for our sales department. We had a good day on Shen Nong Mountain, which is one of a representative of early Chinease culture. It is 1028 Meters above sea level. It is named of one of our chinese ancestors who invent medicine and farming. We spent two and half hours to reach the peak of it. Really very beautiful scenery! Everyone was very tired,also very excited! Now I want to share some photographs here, especially the one we took on the peak of Shen Nong Mountain.


2013/4/10 Comments:0Tour to Shen Nong Mountain
Wood hammer mill with durable hammers

 As we all know, no matter for making pellets or for making briquettes, it is necessary to crush the raw materials into 3-5mm powders. AS there are different kinds of crushing machines, so it is very important to know how to choose a suitable crushing machine.


2013/4/8 Comments:0wood hammer millhammer millwood crusher
Company visiting of our French Clients

On 18th ,February,2013. One client from French and his friend from Algeria came to us.They visited our workshop.Later on, we discussed the charcoal briquette line which he wanted to purchase in our meeting room.They stayed here for 5 days, as they were very interesting in our machines and wanted to have a fully understand of it.

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Economical flour mill with excellet workmanship

 The flour mill made by our E.P Machinery is an economic and efficient mill. It can crush many kinds of grains into powder type. Such as corn, wheat, soya, sorghum, cassave and so on. It not only can be used for grinding dry materials, also can be used for grinding wet materials. It is very popular in farm and grain processing facotry. Here I want to show you some details of  the flour mill for your better understanding:


2013/4/4 Comments:1four millcorn milldisk millgrindergrinding machine
PLC automatic control system for our production lines

 Nowadays, most of our clients,especially some from European countries. They make requests to us for supplying pellet production lines, briquette production line with PLC automatic control system. So they can easily monitor and operate the line. LAST MONTH,we designed a 20ton/h charcoal briquette production line for our customers from Saudi Arabia. Now the production line has been finished and it is automatic controlled by PLC system.By now, our PLC department is formally founded.


2013/4/2 Comments:0briquette production linepellet production line
15 ton/h coal briquette production line ordered by KZ customer

Brief introduction of 15ton/h coal briquette production line

1.Raw materials drying process

Before crushing,if the moisture content of your coal(or any other minerals)is higher than 12%.Then we should use a rotary dryer to reduce the moisture content.The heating source of the rotary dryer can be vary.Such as burning by coal,gas,or oil.Just as costomer required.There is dust collector system on the rotary dryer.So it can keep the environment  clean.

2.Crushing process

In this process,we will crush the coal into below 3mm powders.There are many types crusher can be used.We always choose two motor crusher.

3.Mixing process

To be honest,this process can be divided into two processes.One is mixing the coal powders with dry binders,next is mixing them will liquid binders.Here we will used double shaft mixer and liquid binder mixer to you.In our experience,for the double shaft mixer,we should use at least two sets for being well mixed.

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Manufacturer Supply Sawdust Pellet Machine 2013 Hot Selling

when the first experiments producing wood pellet fuel were conducted. However it is only within the last decade that wood pellet fuel has been taken seriously as a heating option, due the rising costs of oil and gas, and their effects on global warming and climate change. Our Flat die pellet machines are generally used for pellet production on a small to medium scale. The flat die pellet mills can process a wide range of biomass materials, for a range of applications. These include wood, straws, grasses and other biomass residues.

2013/1/9 Comments:0Pellet Machine 2013 Hot Selling
Large Supplying Roller Run With Deceleration Pellet Mill With Flat Die
Large Supplying Roller Run With Deceleration Pellet Mill Hot Selling In Denmark.The flat die design was the first design of pellet mill to emerge at the beginning of the 20th century.
2013/1/9 Comments:0pellet mill
2013 Hot Sell-Biomass Briquette Machine in Kazakhstan

 Briquette machine is use to produce the NEW ENERGY MATERIAL for burning and also can instead of fossil fuels, like oil and coal  Briquette Machine A block of compressed sawdust

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E.P BIomass Briquette Machine 2013 Hot selling in Europe

 E.P BIomass Briquette Machine 2013 Hot selling in Europe A block of compressed sawdust, rice husks,peanut shell,cotton stalk,tree branch and wood chips, used for fuel  and kindling. 

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