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High pressure coal briquette machine

General Introduction of High Pressure Coal Briquette Machine

The high pressure coal briquette machines are  mainly used to suppress difficult molding powder materials, characterized by forming pressure, the host rpm adjustable, with a spiral Feeding Device. It can be used to suppress coal, iron, coke, aluminum powder, iron oxide skin, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke powder and other ferrous powder, non-ferrous powder. It is widely used in refractory, power plants, metallurgy, chemical, energy, heating industry. Finish products with the character of energy saving, easy to transport, increase of wastes Utilization, with good economic and social benefits.


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Disk wood chipper machine with good perfomance


Disk wood chipper is a special equipment to produce wood chips, which is widely used in particleboard, medium and high density fiberboard factory and other wood industries. It has advanced and compact structure, high-quality chipping, widely applicable of raw materials, easy operation and low maintenance.

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Carbonization furnace for making charcoal briquette

 In order to get higher heating value, most of our clients prefer to make wood or other biomass raw materials into charcoal. Normally for some high density raw materials, such as wood logs , wood branch and so on. For some other powder type raw materials, such as rich husk, straw,ect. They can't be carbonized directly. As it is easy to be burnt into ash when carbonizing, so they need to be made into high density briquettes first. In that case, we can make the briquettes into charcoal. 

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Carbon black briquette making machine

 Today, on May 24th, 2013. One of our client from Pakistan come to us for a visiting. He wanted to make carbon black into briquettes for fuel. As we know, the characteristic of the carbon black is similar with the coal. So it is easy to be shaped with binder. There are some certain requests for the carbon black when briquetting. First, the moisture content of the carbon black should be 8%-15%.  Second, the size of the carbon black should be less than 3mm. Normally, we should use a rotary dryer and a crusher to process the carbon black first. 

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1000kg/h biomass briquette production line

 Biomass briquettes are mainly made for fuel. All the biomass materials can be used for making briquettes, such as wood logs, wood branch, straw, grass and so on. However, these materials in the nature can not be used for making briquette directly. As the briquette machine has certain requirements for the raw materials. First, the diameter of the raw materials should be 3-5mm. If not, we should crush them first. Second, the moisture content of the raw materials should be 8%-15, it is higher, we should use a dryer to reduce the moisture. So for a complete biomass briquette production line, it should consists of crushing process, drying process, briquette making process and packing process. There are also some other auxiliary components,  such as belt conveyor, screw conveyor, distributor and so on.

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Biomass briquette making machine for making stick briquette

 The biomass briquette making machine is used to compress biomass raw materials into high density briquettes to get higher heating value or easier to be transported.  The most  popular raw materials for making biomass briquettes are sawdust, grass, rice husk and so on.  For our biomass briquette making machines, the final briquettes made by them can be square shape or hexagon shape, there is a center hole on every briquettes. It can be helpful for efficient burning. The diameter of the briquettes can be 50mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,90mm and so on.  The density of the briquettes can be 1300kg per m3.  The following are all the models of our biomass briquette making machine:

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Professional wood pellet mill for home use

As one kind of green fuel, now wood pellets are widely used in many countries for fuel in the world. For making wood pellets, or we can say fuel pellets, the rotating roller type pellet mills are best choice. For the traditional flat die pellet mill, they are rotating die type, the die is connected with the main shaft of the motor. There is no gearbox in it. The capacity of it is very high because of the high rotating speed. However, for some hard materials, such as wood, they cannot be shaped under high roating speed with low pressure. In that case, we specially designed the rotating roller type wood pellet mill, with the gearbox it, it's speed can be within 60RPM. Meanwhile, these structure can ensure high pressure for pellet making.  Here are some popular models for the wood pellet mill for your  reference:

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Cooling and sieving machine for pellets

 Normally, in the end of the pellet production line, before packing process, there will be a cooling and sieving machine, As the pellets come out with high temperature and some are fragmentary. In that case, we need to reduce the high temperature and sieve out the fragmentary pellets. For the cooling and sieving machine, it consists of cooling part and sieving part. In the following picture, you will see that there is a square barrel, the round sieve is placed in it. Beside the square barrel, it is a dust collector with a fan, it can suck cool air to cool down the pellets. Also it can collect the impure pellets into the bag. It is very environment frendly and easy to operate. 

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Automatic weighing and packing machine for pellets

 In the end of pellet production lines, most of our customers would ask for a packing machine. So here I'd like to make a brief introduction of this kind of pellet packing machine. The full name of the packing machine is automatic weighing and packing machine. It mainly consists of four parts: elevator, automatic weighing system, belt conveyor and sealing system. The specification of one most popular model as following:

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High capacity ring die feed pellet mills with good performance

 For making feed pellets, as we all know, there are two different types pellet mills, flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Normally, we can say that the flat die pellet mill is used for small capacity production and the ring die pellet mill is used for high capacity pellet production. The spare parts of the ring die pellet mills are roller and ring die. The capacity of them for making feed pellets are really very high. For example, SZLH-250, with power of 22kw, its capacity for making feed pellets is 1.5-2ton per hour. For the bigger model SZLH-320, with power of 37kw, its capacity for making feed pellets is 3-4ton per hour. The diameter of the pellets can be 2mm,3mm,4mm,4.5mm, 5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm for your choosing. The workmanship of our ring die pellet mill is very precise. Most of the connection fittings such as bearings are import from German, Japan and so on. 

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