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Diesel engine floating fish feed pellet extruder

 For making fish pellets, most of people will choose floating fish feed pellet extruder. As the fish feed pellets floating above the water is easy to be ate by the fishes. Meanwhile, it can reduce the pollution of the fish feed. The floating fish feed pellets is puffed in the forming mould under high temperature, so it is cured and easy to be digest by the fishes. Even though we call this type pellet mill as fish feed pellet extruder, however, the pellets made by if can also be used for feeding pet and other planktons. The diameter of the final pellets can be 0.9-10mm as you want. It can be floating type or sinking type. If the ratio of starch in the raw materials is less than 35%, then the pellets will be sinking in the water.

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Wood shaving machine with various usages


This Wood Shaving Machine can make the raw wood, wood branches and wood logs into Wood Shavings, and the produced Wood Shavings are same as the Wood Shavings made by the Furniture Factory. It is energy-saving type and easy to operate.It is designed and developed according to industrial requirements.It belongs to wood crushing and pulverizing machine. It is finely processed, high efficiency and environmental protection type. It is optional for electricity and diesel so it can meet buyers’ different requirements. The thickness and the size of the produced wood shavings can be adjusted.


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Traditional feed pellet mill made by E.P Machinery

As we all know, the pellet mills are originally designed for making feed pellets. It is rotating die type and was invented in the end of 19 century. From 1970,the rotating roller type pellet mill was invented, it is mainly designed for making wood pellets. So when we talk about feed pellet mill, it always mean rotating die type pellet mill. The diameter of the final pellets can be 2.5-12mm as customer want. When can design dies with different size holes on it  for making different diameter pellets. The spare parts of the feed pellet mill are roller and die. The main shaft speed of the feed pellet mill can be above 200RPM. So we can get high yield pellets. For the roller and die made by us, they are all through surface heating treatment, expecially the dies are made from chromium alloy, which is one wear-proof materials. This specially design can obviously extend the lifespan of the spare parts, it also means save a lot of cost for you.

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Delivery of the pellet production ordered by Kosovo clients

 On May 6th, 2013. The 1000kg/h wood pellet production line ordered by our Kosovo client is ready for delivery. It is a complete wood pellet production line which consists of crusher, dryer, wood pellet mill, cooler, automatic pakcing machine, screw conveyors. It spends us 15 working days to finish it.  One the crusher and dryer, there are air lockers to avoid the powder flying around. For the screw conveyors, we add magnetic device to move the iron powder in the raw materials, this part is specially requested by the client.  Meanwhile, for the automatic weighing and packing machine. It can save a lot of labors. It can weight the pellets into 5 to 50kg/bag automatically. It consists of hoister, weighing system, belt conveyor, sealing system.  In a word, you can get well packed wood pellets after the whole line. 

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Punching type rod charcoal briquette making machine

 As we all know, there are different types coal or charcoal forming machine with different working principles, such as screw type, squeezing type, punching type and so on. For the punching type briquette machine, it is normally used for making rod briquettes or honeycomb briquettes.  The cross-sections of the briquettes can be hexagon, round, sector, triangle and so on. The advantage of it is that it is easy to change molds, you can buy extra molds with different shapes to get various shape briquettes.  The forming part of it consists of punches and forming molds. For the capacity of this punching type briquette making machine, it can be 45-50Pcs/Minutes or 26-30Pcs/Minutes.

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India customer come to us for visiting our pellet production line and briquette production line

 On April 27th,2013. One customer from India come to our factory. He want to purchase our pellet production line and briquette production line.  We tested the machines in our lines on site for him, expecially the briquette machine and pellet mill. The result was as good as his expectation. He finished the visiting in the afternoon and will come back to us as soon as possible.

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Honeycomb briquette machine for pressing charcoal or coal

 The honeycomb briquette machine is one perfect briquette machine for pressing  charcoal or coal power into different shapes. It can make round, hexagon, triangle or sector shape honeycomb briquette or rod briquettes. We can design different shape molds for you. The detailed specifications of them as following:

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Shisha charcoal briquette machine hot selling in Arab countries

 Shisha charcoal briquette machine also can be called hookah charcoal tablets machine, it is very popular in Arab countries and southest countries. It is punching type briquette machine, it can press the charcoal powder into round or square shape.  The specification of it as following:

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Updated models of our air flow dryer

 Recently, we made some update of our air flow dryer. Some new models were added. The air flow dryer is a best choice for drying light power type raw materials. such as sawdust, rice husk, crushed grass and so on. It consists of stove, pipes, cyclone, fan, air locker, ect. The working principle of it is drying the raw materials in the long pipes by the hot air. The hot air is produced by the stoves. There are one or two stoves on different dryers. The fuel for the stove can be wood, fuel pellets or other solid fuel. The function of the fan is to suck the raw materials from the head of the pipe to the end of the pipe. 

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Company visiting of Bosnia and Herzegovina Clients for lignite pellet production line

 On April 18th,2013. Our two clients from Bosnia and Herzegovina come to us for visiting our factory. They want to purchase a lignite(brown coal ) pellet production line from us. We have talked a lot of details by eamil. And this site visit was very meaningful to both of us. In the morning of the first day, we met in our office to have a brief review of the line we talked. Face to face communication was very efficient. We chatted over tea and went to have a lunch together. In the afternoon, we took them to visit our workshop. They brought their lignite with them, so we tested them with our mineral forming machine. They were very satisfying with the final result and ordered the two stocks from us. We are moving to further cooperation now.


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