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10TPH ring die wood pellet line for domestic client

On June 19th, 2014, four clients from Singapore visited us for discussing the ring die wood pellet line.  In our factory, we showed the detailed processing technic of our machines. They have a good knowledge of the pellet machine and did a lot of survey before. They are satisfied with our work.


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Coal ball making line in Kenya

In the following are the services we will provide when our workers arrive:

1. Help you to make foundations for some machines, like rotary dryer, briquette machine, etc.

2. Help you to arrange the space for displaying the machines to save place for you.

3. Help you to solve temporary emergency in the site.

4. The electrician will help you to make program for the line.

5. Free training to your workers, such as how to change the spare parts.


2014/6/23 Comments:1coal briquette plantcoal ball making linecoal briquette making lineCoal briquette production linecoal ball making plant
Wood shaving machine good for making animal bedding shavings

Wood shaving machines can be divided into two types. One is disc type and the other is drum type. Normally, the disc type wood shaving machine is for small capacity using. It is very easy to operate and more cost-effective. The wood shaving machine is good for making wood shaves for animal beding.


2014/6/19 Comments:0wood shaving machinewood shaves making machinewood wool making machinewood wool machine
Charcoal briquette screw extruder for making BBQ

As we all know, charcoal is the best fuel for BBQ. To get a better burning effect and easy to transport, normally we will need to proces the charocoal into certain shape. Such as pillow shape, bread shape, charcoal rod, etc. Different shape charcoal briquettes are made by different kind of machine.


2014/6/17 Comments:1charcoal briquette screw extruder
Small charcoal briquette extruding plant

Charcoal briquette extruding machine is good at making charcoal rod. The cross section of the charcoal rod can be round, square, triangle, etc. The length of the briquette can be cutted as you want.


2014/6/10 Comments:1charcoal briquette linecharcoal briquette extruding plantcharocal briquette linecharcoal briquette extruding line
Customer from Ivory Coast for charcoal briquette extruder

On June 10th, 2014, one customer from Ivory Coast comes to us for visiting our factory.  We picked him up at Xinzheng international airport. Then we have a short meeting in our office of downtown. After a pleasant lunch, we came to our factory to check and test the machines. What he is looking for is charcoal briquette extruding machine and some auxiliary equipment such as mixing machine, conveyor, etc. we tested the main machines for him and he felt quite good for  the result.


2014/6/10 Comments:0charcoal briquette extrudercharcoal briquette machinecharcoal briquette extruding machine
Diesel engine pellet mill good for making wood pellets

For better making pellets outdoor, some clients will choose pellet mills with diesel engine. The most advantage of the diesel engine pellet mill is that you can use it anywhere even some places lacking of electric power. 

2014/6/5 Comments:0diesel engine pellet milldiesel wood pellet mill
120 charcoal briquette punching machine for Afghanistan customer

As we know, for dealing with charcoal powder, there are three types forming machine----Roller type briquette machine, extruding type briquette machine and punching type briquette machine. 

Roller type briquette machine is good at making ball shape, pillow shape or bread shape briquettes. Extruding type and punching type briquette machines are good at making charcoal bars. It can be hexagonal shape or round shape.


2014/6/3 Comments:1charcoal briquette punching machine120 charcoal briquette machinehoneycomb briquette machine
Small grinding machine for crushing shell or conch

The small grinding machine can be called corn grinder or maize mill. It is one kind of crushing machine which is very gootd for getting small powders. The advantages of it as following:

1. Small dimension and easy to move

2. Final powder size can be 0.075mm(200mesh) to 3mm. 

3. Easy to operate

4. High efficiency(the smallest capacity can be 240kg/hour for 1.2mm powder) and low power consumption


2014/6/3 Comments:0small grinding machinecorn grindercorn millcorn crushing machineshell crushing machineconch crushing machine
chipping machine/wood chipping machine/wood chipper

The diameter of the feeding wood logs can be max 430mm. (The max feeding size are various according to different models)

The length of the final chips can be 15mm to 35mm. The thickness of the final chips can be 2mm to 10mm.



2014/5/29 Comments:0chipping macinewood chipping machinewood chipper
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