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India Client visited E.P factory for Active carbon briquetting

 On 18th, March, 2019, India clients visited E.P Machinery to negotiated actived carbon  briquette machine. Through two months' communication, E.P Machinery and India clients have made an agreement for actived charcoal briquetting production line

2019/3/20 Comments:0active cabon briquettingcharcoal briquettingChina briquette machine
Newly-advanced biomass briquette machine

E.P newly developed Biomass briquette machine, which is more convenient and safe for workers to operate and it can get profitable interest for users. Reading more...

2019/3/13 Comments:0briquette machinebriquette charcoal presssawdust forming machinewood briquetting press
How to solve the problem of coal briquette machine can not push oil pressure ?
When the coal briquette machine in operation, sometimes, it will appear the problem of the oil pressure can not be pushed. The cause of this problem may be blockage of the suction port, junction gasket deformation and so on. In order to solve this problem, the E.P Machinery give the following methods, read more.
2018/12/29 Comments:0coal briquette machineoil pressurecan not push oil pressure
what is the briquette machine, how to choose the ball briquette machine ?

The coal briquette press machine, namely the coal briquetting machineroller briquette press machine, ball press machine, charcoal making machine etc.

2018/12/21 Comments:0high quality ball briquette machineE.P briquette machinecoal briquette machine
How to produce balls with a more spherical shape, using briquette press machine?

It is well known that the balls produced by briquette press machine is not totally spherical, it is a little flat. Because of some special application, some customers need to produce the balls with a more spherical shape. After serious research and test for a long time, we summarized the main points as following, read more...

2018/12/14 Comments:0briquette press machineball press machineproblems about briquettingcoal briquette machine
How to choose binder/adhesive during coal briquetting production?

For the binder, it is not a simple single species, we can understand it as a mixture, this kind of mixer will be made up of several kinds of materials, like phenolic resins, sodium silicate, guar gum, bentonite, etc. These materials are what we have heard from customers, but for the ratio, it depends. 

2018/11/30 Comments:0coal binder function in briquettingbinder applicationadhesive usage in coal briquette productioncoal briquette machine
10 tons/h coal briquette press

Coal briquette press is a kind of forming equipment to process kinds of coal powders and dust into solid blocks(we call briquettes), which can be used in power plant, heating industry, energy field, metallurgical industry, transportation field, etc. The blocks/briquettes produced by coal briquette machines are environmental and energy-efficient, and also are convenient for transportation and reloading, and therefore the utilization of wasted powder materials are increased highly for end users.

2018/11/28 Comments:010 t/h coal briquetting machinelarge capacity coal forming machineroller press to make coal briquettesgangue briquette production plantbriquette machine manufacturerbriquetting press pricebriquette machine latest pricecoal briquette machine
How to demould the coal dust from the rollers.

Coal briquette machine is used to compact and shape the coal particles/dust/breeze into required 30-50mm ball briquettes, which are easily loaded and stored. The core part of coal briquette machine is the forming rollers, here we give you solutions of how to demould the coal dust from the rollers.

2018/11/23 Comments:0high quality rollers in briquette machinedemould problem in briquetting fieldcoal briquette machine
Biomass briquette production line

 A complete and automated biomass briquette plant, includes crusher-dryer-distribution hopper-briquette extruder-packing machine, conveyor, electric control system, etc.

2018/9/4 Comments:0sawdust briquette machinebiomass briquette plantsawdust briquette extruderbiomass briquette machinecharcoal briquette machinecompactor
Hydraulic shisha charcoal production line


The shisha charcoal production line is used to make the charcoal tablets/cubes for hookah. Normally, it includes crusher, mixer, distribution hopper, shisha charcoal press machine, dryer and other auxiliary equipment ( conveyor and electric cabinets ). It is highly automatic, which can help customer to save labor cost. E.P Company can design the different shisha charcoal production lines based on customers’ detailed requirements.
2018/9/4 Comments:0shisha charcoal production linehydraulic shisha charcoal presscomplete shisha charcoal plantcharcoal briquette machinecompactor
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