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Singapore customer ordered ring die wood pellet line
One of Singapore customers ordered our ring die wood pellet line, the line capacity is 3 tons per hour.
2014/7/31 Comments:0
Diesel engine pellet mill sent to Slovenia
In Early July, our Slovenia customer ordered one diesel engine pellet machine for making wood pellets, the model is HSKLN-350 with 42 HP diesel engine.
2014/7/30 Comments:0diesel pellet millwood pellet machinepellet mill for making wood pellets
Charcoal powder extruding machine

Our charcoal powder extruding machine is mainly used to press coal, charcoal powder coke powder, brown coal powder, coal waste into briquettes with or without a hole in the center with certain strength and improves the calorific value of coal or charcoal.


2014/7/10 Comments:0charcoal powder extruding machinecharcoal bar extruding machinecharcoal briquette machinescrew charcoal extrudercharcoal briquette extruding machine
Screw charcoal extruder for making BBQ

Our screw charcoal extruder is used to press charcoal into orderly shape, such as round bar, hexagonal bar, etc. After briquetting, the charcoal will be easy to be transported and good for using. The diameter of the charcoal briquettes can be 6mm to 40mm, the length of them can be cutted as you want.



2014/7/10 Comments:0screw charcoal extrudercharcoal briquette extruderBBQ making machine
Hydraulic sawdust briquette machine for our Israel customer

Last week, the hydraulic sawdust briquette machine ordered for our Israel customer was ready for delivery. The hydraulic biomass briquette machine also can be called foot pier briquette machine or Pallet briquette machine. It is mainly used to make foot pier for Pallet. By turning wood waste into foot pier, a lot of cost will be saved.


2014/7/9 Comments:0hydraulic briquette machinesawdust briquette machinehydraulic biomass briquette machine

Electric motor and diesel engine are the most popular power source for our pellet mill. But sometimes, a few clients want to connect their pellet mill with their home use tractor, as tractor is very common for farmers. The Tractor and pellet machine are connected with a PTO shaft.


2014/7/2 Comments:0PTO wood pellet milltractor driven pellet milldiesel engine pellet mill
carbon black briquette machine for our Malaysia client


After spending a lot of cost and energy, now we have found a good solution to deal with the briquetting issue of carbon black. First, we should use hydraulic pressure type briquette machine which can ensure the high pressure. Second, proper binding matrials should be used. We will provide the solution of binding materials along with briquette machine to our clients.


2014/6/26 Comments:1carbon black briquette machineblack carbon briqette machinecarbon briquette machinecarbon black ball making machine
Client for buying biomass briquette machine from UZ

Last Tuesday(2014-06-18), one client from UZ came to us for visiting. He was looking for a small cotton stalk briquette production line. His raw materials is cotton stalk. When he arrived at our factory to test the machines. We tried our best to find some cotton stalk for testing. After being crushed by our hammer mill, the powder was fed into the biomass briquette machine directly. During the moisture content of the raw materials is suitable, the result of final briquettes is quite good.


2014/6/26 Comments:0biomass briquette machinewood briquette machinecorn stalk briquette machinerice husk briquette machine
coal mixing machine/charcoal powder mixing machine

As we all know, for making coal briquette or charcoal briquette, especially for high capacity production, we will need to add binders for forming. The binders can be divided into dry powder binder and liquid binder. For mixing the binders with coal/charcoal powders evenly. A mixing machine will be needed.

There are mainly two kinds coal/charcoal powder mixing machine. One is double shaft mixer and the other is wheel mixer.


2014/6/26 Comments:0coal mixing machinecoal powder mixing machinecharcoal mixing machinecharcoal powder mixing machinedouble shaft mixer
MZLH420 wood pellet mill with good performance

The ring die wood pellet mill is good for large scale pellet production project. Normally the capacity of the line should be above 1Ton/hour. MZLH420 is the most popular ring die pellet mill for making wood pellets.  It is welcome in the market because of its good performance and durable using. Some clients even chose to buy 2 or more sets for increasing their production.


2014/6/24 Comments:0MZLH420 wood pellet mill420 wood pellet millring die wood pellet mill1ton/h wood pellet mill1TPH wood pellet making machine
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