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Sponge iron powder briquetting machine

Sponge iron powder briquetting machine produced by E.P Machinery is one pressure mechanical technology, specially designed as a sponge squeezed into a block of iron pressure equipment.For further information, welcome to consult us.

2014/8/28 Comments:0sponge iron powderbriquetting technologyiron powder blockssteelmaking use sponge briquettesbriquetting technologysteel plant
limestone briquette machine for Iran clients

Limestone briquette machine also can be named as dry powder briquette machine, high pressure briquette machine, etc. The main characteristic of it is that its rollers is much thinner than the common briquette machine. The power for it is much higher as well. The limestone briquette machine must be equipped with hydraulic pump. The capacity of limestone machine is lower than common briquette machine.

2014/8/27 Comments:2limestone briquette machinecaco3 briquette machinecalclime briquette machinelime briquette machine
Straw briquette machine market prospect
Since 2011, more and more village people in Europe, Asia countries started to use the straw briquette machines, this kind of straw briquette machine can convert crop plants stalks, straw, seedings, leaves, etc into blocks. In village, there are plenty of crop plants leaves, seeding, stalks.
2014/8/27 Comments:0straw briquette machine prospectEurope country new energyrenewable energy in Asiastraw briquette machine market
Briquette machine for making corn briquettes

How to convert corn powders into small briquettes for animal feed use?Zhengzhou E.P Machinery will solve this problem for you. Our roller type briquette machine can press maize powders into oval shape briquettes, the finished corn briquettes can be eaten by animal with good nutritional value and good appearance. And also the finished maize briquettes can be transported easily avoid wasting.

2014/8/22 Comments:0Corn Briquette machinecorn powder briquette pressbriquette press for making corn powdershow to make corn briquettescorn ball press machine
30 T/H Iron Powder Briquette Line

Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd supply briquette line for making iron powders briquettes, here that is the whole process involved equipments in the iron powders briquette production Line. That is the whole machines, customers can choose the necessary machines according to different real situation. 

2014/8/20 Comments:030 t/h iron powder briquette linesponge iron briquette pressmetal briquetting presssteel slag briquetting presshot iron ore briquette machinemineral powders briquette ball press
Terrazzo floor brick machine

Terrazzo floor brick machine is the new t ype automatic equipment for making terrazzo floor bricks, our machine is equipped with PLC system, which can be easily opereated and with high capacity. We can supply you the terrazzo floor brick production line with installation service.

2014/8/18 Comments:1terrazzo floor brick machineterrazzo flooring machineterrazzo tile forming machineautomatic terrazzo lloor machineterrazzo floor tile making/forming/press machine
Sawdust dryer and wood crusher sent to Europe

Yesterday, we sent sawdust dryer and wood crushers to Europe customers. The dryer capacity is 500 kg/h, and the wood crushers are with motor engine and diesel engine, they are produced by customers' requirements.

2014/8/14 Comments:0sawdust dryerwood log crushercrushing machine for wood logsdiesel wood crushing machine
Charcoal extruder sent to Africa customer
Our Africa customer ordered one charcoal extruder, the model is HSLX300, for charcoal powders, the capaicty is roughly 1.5-2 tons per hour. This screw type charcoal extruder, which is also appliable to coal powders, is usually called charcoal briquette machine, it can produce any shape and size charcoal briquettes.
2014/8/12 Comments:1charcoal extrudercharcoal briquette presscoal extrudercoal extruder in Africabriquette press for coal powders
Wood pellet line sent to Greece

Last Saturday, 9th of August, 2014, we sent one oak wood pellet ine with 2 tons/hour capacity to Greece, customer will use oak wood to produce pellets.  The whole pellet production line includes wood crushers, ring die pellet machines, cooling machine, conveyors, dust collector, etc.

2014/8/11 Comments:1wood pellet lineGreece pellet production line 2 tons/hoak wood pellet linebeech wood fuel pellets line
Charcoal hexagonal briquette machine sent to Thailand
Last week, we finished two sets of charcoal briquette machines for making hexagonal charcoal briquettes, the finished charcoal briquettes shape are with good appearance, high density and so on.
2014/8/4 Comments:0charcoal hexagonal briquette machineBBQ charcoal
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