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Sawdust hot air dryer

Hot air dryer is also called pipe dryer, it is the ideal drying equipment for drying light materials, such sawdust, rice husk, any kinds of biomass powders. This dryer is usually used for pellet production line and biomass briquette production line. 

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Lista 1 tonelada de carbón briquetas de Línea de Producción

E.P Machinery puede suministrar 1 tonelada planta de producción de briquetas de carbón, toda la línea de producción es con diseño adecuado, desempeño confiable y alta eficiencia. 

2014/9/6 Comments:0charcoal production linecharcoal briquette presscharcoal machinecoconut charcoal briquetter
Shisha charcoal press for Ukraine client

The shisha briquette machine in the following is made for our Ukraine client.

As you can see from the picture, the machine can be divided into 3 parts, hydraulic pump, forming part and control panel.


2014/9/4 Comments:0shisha charcoal press
New type diesel engine wood crusher

Our Trinidad and Tobago customer purchased our diesel engine wood crusher last month, now the wood crushing machine is finished, we are ready to deliver the machine to Qingdao seaport, the following pictures are for customer checking.

2014/9/4 Comments:0wood crusherdiesel engine wood crushercrushing machine for outdoor use
Shisha charcoal press for Ukraine client

The shisha charcoal press is used for making shisha charcoal tablets. So it also can be called shisha tablet press, shisha briquette machine. The shisha charcoal press in the following is customized by our Ukraine client. Normally the press for our briquette machine is 30ton. But this client requested for 50ton. So we designed a bigger hydraulic pump for him. At the same time, to make sure a long working life of  the mold, the material of the mold and plunger is chrome.  .

2014/9/3 Comments:0shisha charcoal pressshisha briquette machinecharcoal briquette machinecharcoal briquette machine
Rice husk hammer mill

How to deal with abundant rice husk resources? It is a big problem for some mills. So how to solve this problem and convert the rice hulls into profit, that is the key point in investors' eyes. Now you can use rice husk hammer mill produced by E.P Machinery to get very fine powder of rice husks, and then you can sell to the market to get profit. The finished milled rice husks size is from 200 mesh to 1 mm. 

2014/9/3 Comments:0rice husk hammer millsawdust crusherrice husk millsawdust crushing machine
Tractor driven PTO pellet mill for farmers

PTO is short of  power take off. For PTO pellet mill, it means there is no motor or diesel engine for it. The pellet mill comes with a PTO shaft. This shaft is used to connect your tractor with our pellet mill. The size of the shaft depends on the power of your tractor.


2014/9/2 Comments:0PTO pellet milltractor pellet milltractor driven pellet milltractor driven PTO pellet mill
3 Ton tree roots briquette line for electricity plant

For meeting the increasing demand of the biomass fuel, E.P Machinery developed and designed the new briqeutte produciton lion to produce large quantity stalk briquettes, tree roots, wheat straw, corn core, and all kinds of plant wastes can be produced into biomass fuel for electricity plant use. 

2014/9/2 Comments:0tree roots briquetteselectricity plant biomass fuel
11kw small wood crusher good for home use

The 11kw small wood crusher in the following is made for our Italy client.

The wood crusher is a good machine for convert wood logs or branch into sawdust. You can use the sawdust for making pellets, briquettes or for animal bedding.

The internal part of the crusher are made up of blades(normal 4 blades), hammers and sieve. When you feed wood into the crusher, its roating blades will cut wood into chips. The chips will be crushed into sawdust by the hammers in the crushing room.

2014/9/1 Comments:011kw small wood crusherwood crusherwood crushing machinesawdust making machine
Learning about renewable energy
We have used biomass energy, or "bioenergy"—the energy from plants and plant-derived materials—since people began burning wood to cook food and keep warm. Wood is still the largest biomass energy resource today, but other sources of biomass can also be used.
2014/9/1 Comments:0renewable energybiomass energygreen energy
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