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Tractor driven wood pellet mill and PTO pellet mill

Our tractor driven wood pellet mills and PTO pellet mill belong to roller running type pellet mill. As we all know, comparing with die running type pellet mill, the roller running type can provide higher pressure for making good wood pellets.

The advantages of our roller running type pellet mill as following:


2014/10/20 Comments:0tractor driven wood pellet millPTO pellet millPTO driven pellet millwood pellet millroller-roating-pellet-millRoller running wood pellet mill
Sludge briquette line/clay briquette making line/peat briquette line

Sludge briquette line is used for converting sludge waste into briquettes for steel work. For the sludge briquette line, it is also available for processing coal briquette, iron powder briquette, coke briquette, charcoal briquette, etc.

The line is a complete processing system which is made up of pre-drying process, crushing process, dosing process, mixing process and briquette making process.


2014/10/16 Comments:0sludge briquette lineclay briquette making linecoal slime briquette line
Hot sale ring die pellet making machine with high capacity

Vertical ring die pellet mill:


2014/10/16 Comments:0ring die pellet making machinevertical ring die pellet mill1ton/h ring die pellet millpelletizing machinepelletizing plant
Small gasoline engine hammer mill and hot air dryer for Italian client

Yesterday, the small gasoline engine hammer mill and small sawdust dryer for our Italian client were ready for delivery.

The small hammer mill is driven by 7.5HP gasoline engine. It is quite convenient for using. It is good for crushing soft materials such as straw, corn stalk and small branches into fine powder, which is popular for home using.


2014/10/15 Comments:0small hammer millgasoline engine hammer millhot air dryerhammer milldiesel engine hammer millsawdust dryer
1ton/h vertical ring die pellet line
Description of a complete pellet line:
1. Crushing procoss
2. Drying process
3. Pellet making process
4. cooling process
5. Packing process
The advantages of pellet line with vertical ring die pellet machine:
2014/10/14 Comments:0vertical ring die pellet linering die pellet plantring die pellet making line1ton/h pellet line
Pet feed extruding machine for Spanish client

Introduction of pet feed extruding machine

This series of our feed pellet extruders are used for making pet feed, with high capacity, stable performance and easy operation. Pellets produced by the machine is smooth, good hardness.

2014/10/8 Comments:0fish feed extruderfish feed extruding machinepet feed extruding machinepet feed extruderpet feed pellet making machinepet feed pellet mill
350 PTO pellet mill for our Italy client

Our 350 PTO pellet mill is one kind of roller running type wood pellet mill. The main parts of it are forming part, gearbox, machine shell and PTO shaft.  It is good to turn hard wood or soft wood  into high quality pellets. The PTO pellet mill comes with PTO shaft. You should prepare tractor to drive it. The power of the tractor should be over 45HP. The capacity of 350 PTO pellet mill will reach 400-500kg/hour.


2014/10/8 Comments:0350 PTO pellet millPTO pellet millwood pellet milltractor driven pellet millpellet mill without engine
Wet type floating fish feed pellet mill

The floating fish feed pellet mill is used to make fish feed pellets. The pellets made by it can floating above water for 10-36hours. There are two types floating fish feed pellet mill, one is wet type, the other is dry type.

The difference of them as following:


2014/9/18 Comments:0wet type floating fish feed pellet mllfloating fish feed pellet mill
Roller running wood pellet mill and hammer mill for US client

The roller running wood pellet mill is specially designed for making wood pellets. With a strong reducer on it, the rollers will work under high pressure.  It is more active than common die running pellet mill.  We have different models with power ranges from 15HP to 42HP which are driven by diesel engine. The details as following:


2014/9/17 Comments:0Roller running wood pellet millroller running pellet mill
small wood pellet plant for Italy client

 Our small wood pellet plant is a complete wood pellets producting system. It can be used to deal with wood branch or other biomass materials with high moisture. 

Wood pellet material: sawdust, straw, grain husk, grass, and other biomass residues.

2014/9/16 Comments:0small wood pellet plantsmall wood pellet linewood pellet making linewood pellet plant
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