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Cheap wood pellet packing machine for plastic bags

This kind of wood pellet mackin machine also can be called pellet bag sealing machine. It is very easy for sealing plastic bags. It is not only good for packing wood pellets, also good for packing feed pellets and powder type materials.

The price of it is quite low, so it is very goood for home using.


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Roller type coal ball press machine with high pressure

Applicable raw materials of coal ball briquettes presses machine:

1. Coal powder, brown coal, white coal powder or dust, coke powder, coking coal, etc. Besides, carbon dust, bamboo charcoal dust, shisha charcoal powder, coconut shell charcoal powder, jujube charcoal powder, coke charcoal powder, our coal ball briquettes presses machine can be also used to press coal, etc. This equipment is widely used in the field of chemical, refrectories, ceramics, mining, and metallurgy, etc.


2014/11/6 Comments:0coal ball press machinecoal ball pessing machinecoal briquette press machinecoal ball froming machine
pellet cooling machine for small wood pellet plant

Normally for a pellet production line, in order to get pure pellets for packing directly, the pellet cooling machine is quite necessary. The pellet cooling machine has the function of cooling down the the temperature of pellets out of the pellet mill, also there is a rotary screen in it. The screen is keep rotating so the unformed pellets will be sifted out.


2014/11/6 Comments:0pellet cooling machinepellet coolercooling machinecooler and screener
200kg/h to 2000kg/h wood pellet line with thorough system

The available wood pellet lines we can supply are 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/hour, 700kg/h, 1000kg/h and 2000kg/hour. We will design suitable line according to the condition of your raw materials and the size of your factory...

2014/11/5 Comments:0wood pellet linewood pellet production linewood pellet making machinewood pellet plantpelletizing line
Small rotary drying machine for Cambodia client

Rotary dryer is one kind of good drying machine for power type or particle type materials, such as coal powder, sawdust, sludge, wood chips, etc.

For a complete drying system, it should be made up of 3 parts

1. Heating source

Heating source is used to supply hot air for drying. It can be a stove or firebox with burners. The fuel for it can be coal, wood, gas or oil. No matter which kind of fuel, it must ensure sufficient hot air to the dryer.


2014/11/3 Comments:0rotary drying machinesmall rotary dryersawdust dryercoal dryerwood chips dryer
coal pillar makig machine/coal bar making machine/round coal briquette machine

Coal pillar makig machine, also can be named as coal bar making machine or honeycomb briquette machine. The shape of briquettes are pillar shape. The cross section of them can be round shape or hexagon shape.

The working principle of coal pillar machine is to feed the raw materials into mold and punch them into certain shape. The forming part of it is made up of plungers and molds. The feeding device will feed the molds automatically. The plungers will punch 52times per minute. The diameter of the briquettes can be 50mm to 220mm. The max lenght of the coal briquettes can be 95mm. Our machine can be used to make solid briquettes or briquettes with holes.


2014/10/28 Comments:0coal pillar making machinecoal bar making machineround coal briquette making machinepunching type coal briquette machine
400 coal briquette machine for making ball shape coal briquettes

Last week, the 400 coal briquette machine made for our Spanish client was finished. The model HSYQ-400 will be used for making ball shape coal briquettes. The capacity of it will be 6-8ton/hour.

Normally, the capacity of the machine is determined by the size of final briquettes. The capacity will be higher if the briquetttes are bigger. The size of the briquettes made by this model can be 30mm to 80mm.


2014/10/28 Comments:0360 coal briquette machine290 coal briquette machinecoal ball making machineball shape coal briquette machine
Different kinds of feed mixers made by E.P Machinery

In the line for making pellets, especially feed processing plant. We will use several different kinds of raw materials to ensure the nutrition. We have two types of mixing machine to do this job. One is vertical type mixer and the other is horizontal type mixer。


2014/10/27 Comments:0feed mixerfeed mixing machinesawdust mixer
New design sawdust dryer-the combination of hot air dryer and rotary dryer

Normally for a complete pellet line or briquette line, it should include a dryer. The dryer is used to reduce the moisture of the raw materials. There are two kinds of popular dryers in the market now. The hot air dryer(bended pipes) and rotary dryer. The hot air dryer is a economic choice, but it has limit for the moisture of feeding materials and capacity. Mostly, the moisture of feed materials should be controlled blew 30%-40% and the capacity should below 1ton/h.  But for rotary dryer, its rotating speed is adjustable. If the raw materials is quite wet, you can speed down to dry it by one time. The disadvantage of it is the price is quite higher.


2014/10/22 Comments:0sawdust dryerrotary dryerhot air dryerair flow dryer
Updated wood crusher with new design and multifunction

Based on the market requirement and the response from our clients, we update the models of our wood crusher. We add some new models this time.

As we all know, most of the biomass materials can be used for forming into pellets or briquettes. Before forming, these materials need to be crushed into small powder. For the traditional crushing machines, they can be divided into two types. One is hammer mill for cruhing small diameter materials, such as small branches, grass, corn stalk. The other is wood crusher for crushing big diameter materials, such as wood logs. If you feed grass into the crusher, it cannot be crushed. Hoever, most of our clients prefer to choose various materials with different diameter to make pellets or briquettes. Obviously, one machine can't do this work.


2014/10/21 Comments:0wood crusherwood crushing machinecrushing machinewood pulverizer
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