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Rotating roller type 32HP PTO pellet mill with 300kg/h capacity

Rotating roller type 32HP PTO pellet mill with 300kg/h capacity

The advantage of our PTO pellet mill

2014/11/30 Comments:0rotating roller type pellet mill32HP PTO pellet mill300kg/h pellet mill
Dry type fish feed pellet extruder

The Introduction of Dry Type Fish Feed Pellet Extruder
Floating fish feed machine is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. The fish feed pellet extruder can be divided into two types: dry type fish feed extruder and wet type extruder.

2014/11/26 Comments:0fish fish extruderdry type extruderfish feed making machinefloating fish feed making machine
Slurry briquette press machine for making high strength briquettes

Slurry briquette press machine is mainly used in coal, coal slurry, coal, coking coal, metallurgical powder, refractory materials, etc. It is one kind of cold-pressing ball machine.

The series of coal briquetting machine transmit on power to the pair rollers through reducer, and make the pair rollers drive in opposite direction. The materials naturally fall into the rollers' cavity. With the driving of the two rollers, the pressure of materials improves from small to big. When materials go to the rollers rotating line connecting point, the pressure of the two rollers reaches the peak pressure.These materials become finished briquettes from powder


2014/11/26 Comments:0sludge briquette machinesludge briquette presssludge ball making machineslurry briquette press
30kw wood pellet mill with rotating rollers for Italian customer

The 30kw wood pellet mill is our HSKLN-350 model. It is roller rotating type pellet making machine. Its maximun capacity of it can be 500kg/h for making wood pellets.

This HSKLN-350 is specially designed for making wood pellets. The rotating roller can ensure higher pressure comparing with die rotating type. Meanwhile, there is a oil pump on it. The function of the oil pump is used to make the lubricating oil circulate. On the one hand, it can lubricate the gearbox all the time. On the other hand, it can cool down the machine during long time working.


2014/11/26 Comments:030kw pellet millrotating roller type pellet millwood pellet millpellet mill for woodroller turning pellet mill
Dry powder briquette making machine---High pressure briquette machine

High Pressure briquette machine also named dry power briquette machine. The High Pressure briquette machine mainly applies on the ball and brick making of non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal mineral powder, it enters the furnace directly to increase the additional value. All metallurgy industry waste and accessory that need furnace use ball press machine. Such as dedusting ash, pool mud, oxide, slag, iron flavor powder, aluminum ash powder, silicon manganese ore powder, etc.

2014/11/24 Comments:1dry powder briquette making machinedry powder briquette machinehigh pressure briquette machineslag briquette machine
Pellet mill with diesel engine

Here is diesel powered pellet machines extruder for sale!
Pellet machine with diesel engine is a great alternative, especially for the area where three-phase electric power is not possible or quite expensive.
With diesel engine, you can make pellets at home, on the farm, in your yard or anywhere else in the open air, no limits. It offers a portable solution.

2014/11/24 Comments:0diesel pellet milldiesel engine pellet millpellet mill with diesel enginediesel powered pellet mill
coal crusher/coal crushing machine/coal grinder/coal pulverizer


As you can see from the following picture, there are two motors on the coal crusher. Each motor drives one row of hammers. With the high speed rotating of these hammers, the coal block will be crushed into small powder.


2014/11/18 Comments:0coal crushercoal crushing machinecoal grindercoal pulverizer
Honeycomb coal briquette making machine with chroming spare parts

Machine application
The Honeycomb coal briquette making machine has been popularly used in China for almost 80 years. The finished product can be widely used in many fields, such as BBQ, home cooking, steel industry, the greatest merit of them is to be easily ignited by a lighter, very convenient, also, their burning time is very long.

2014/11/18 Comments:0Honeycomb coal briquette machinehoneycomb briquette making machinehoneycomb coal pressing machinehoneycomb coal press
Coal ball briquetting machine for civil and industrial coal production

The coal ball briquetting machine is suitable for civil and industrial coal production. It features in excellent technical performance, compact structure, reasonable assembly process, special alloy rollers, and long life-span. In addition, it also solves the troubles of low molding pressure and low strength problem in coal briquette production, and can be the ideal machine in this field.


2014/11/18 Comments:0coal ball briqutting machinecivil coal briquette machineindustrial coal briquette machinecoal briquette making machine
230 diesel flat die pellet mill with 22HP diesel engine

This HSKL-D230 pellet mill is a diesel-driven pelletizing equipment which can be used to compress raw fodder or biomass particle into pellets for poultry feed or recyclable energy. Depending on the ingredients, these pellets can be used for an animal feed that’s easily stored, cheap and has a long lifespan, or as an energy efficient fuel for fireplaces, wood-burning furnaces and stoves.

2014/11/17 Comments:0diesel pellet milldiesel flat die pellet mill22HP pellet mill
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