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1000kg/h biomass briquette production line

 Biomass briquettes are mainly made for fuel. All the biomass materials can be used for making briquettes, such as wood logs, wood branch, straw, grass and so on. However, these materials in the nature can not be used for making briquette directly. As the briquette machine has certain requirements for the raw materials. First, the diameter of the raw materials should be 3-5mm. If not, we should crush them first. Second, the moisture content of the raw materials should be 8%-15, it is higher, we should use a dryer to reduce the moisture. So for a complete biomass briquette production line, it should consists of crushing process, drying process, briquette making process and packing process. There are also some other auxiliary components,  such as belt conveyor, screw conveyor, distributor and so on.

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Cooling and sieving machine for pellets

 Normally, in the end of the pellet production line, before packing process, there will be a cooling and sieving machine, As the pellets come out with high temperature and some are fragmentary. In that case, we need to reduce the high temperature and sieve out the fragmentary pellets. For the cooling and sieving machine, it consists of cooling part and sieving part. In the following picture, you will see that there is a square barrel, the round sieve is placed in it. Beside the square barrel, it is a dust collector with a fan, it can suck cool air to cool down the pellets. Also it can collect the impure pellets into the bag. It is very environment frendly and easy to operate. 

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Automatic weighing and packing machine for pellets

 In the end of pellet production lines, most of our customers would ask for a packing machine. So here I'd like to make a brief introduction of this kind of pellet packing machine. The full name of the packing machine is automatic weighing and packing machine. It mainly consists of four parts: elevator, automatic weighing system, belt conveyor and sealing system. The specification of one most popular model as following:

2013/5/16 Comments:0packing machinepellet packing machineautomatic weighing and packing machine15kg per bag packing machine
Delivery of the pellet production ordered by Kosovo clients

 On May 6th, 2013. The 1000kg/h wood pellet production line ordered by our Kosovo client is ready for delivery. It is a complete wood pellet production line which consists of crusher, dryer, wood pellet mill, cooler, automatic pakcing machine, screw conveyors. It spends us 15 working days to finish it.  One the crusher and dryer, there are air lockers to avoid the powder flying around. For the screw conveyors, we add magnetic device to move the iron powder in the raw materials, this part is specially requested by the client.  Meanwhile, for the automatic weighing and packing machine. It can save a lot of labors. It can weight the pellets into 5 to 50kg/bag automatically. It consists of hoister, weighing system, belt conveyor, sealing system.  In a word, you can get well packed wood pellets after the whole line. 

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India customer come to us for visiting our pellet production line and briquette production line

 On April 27th,2013. One customer from India come to our factory. He want to purchase our pellet production line and briquette production line.  We tested the machines in our lines on site for him, expecially the briquette machine and pellet mill. The result was as good as his expectation. He finished the visiting in the afternoon and will come back to us as soon as possible.

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15 ton/h coal briquette production line ordered by KZ customer

Brief introduction of 15ton/h coal briquette production line

1.Raw materials drying process

Before crushing,if the moisture content of your coal(or any other minerals)is higher than 12%.Then we should use a rotary dryer to reduce the moisture content.The heating source of the rotary dryer can be vary.Such as burning by coal,gas,or oil.Just as costomer required.There is dust collector system on the rotary dryer.So it can keep the environment  clean.

2.Crushing process

In this process,we will crush the coal into below 3mm powders.There are many types crusher can be used.We always choose two motor crusher.

3.Mixing process

To be honest,this process can be divided into two processes.One is mixing the coal powders with dry binders,next is mixing them will liquid binders.Here we will used double shaft mixer and liquid binder mixer to you.In our experience,for the double shaft mixer,we should use at least two sets for being well mixed.

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Wood Pellet Line Guidence

 As the demand for wood pellets is continuously rising day by day, but there are also more people who do not know how the wood pellets are produced out. Here let E.P Machinery guide you how to make good pellets. Before pelletizing, the raw materials should be prepared well. But what kind of raw mateials can be pelletized for biomass pellets? Let' s see here.

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500 kg/h Sawdust Pellet Production Line for Biomass Fuel

Sawdust Pellet Production line is for 500 kg/h capacity: The mateirals can be sawdust from soft wood and hard wood, such as cotton wood, pine wood, fruit wood, etc. Advantages: A. No binder need to be used. The finished wood pelelts are are clean and renewable green fuel, which are ideal for use in boilers, open fires, etc.B. Small pellets-6 mm diameter, high density, easy transportaiton, they are the most popular pellets in the world. 

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5 Ton Coal Briquette Production Line

5 Ton Coal Briquette Production LineWe are professional in designing, producing and installing coal briquette production line. And we have successfully installed the coal briquette production line for Brazil Customer, Kazakhstan cusotmer, etc.

2012/2/13 Comments:05 ton coal briquette production line
500 kg/h Wood Chips Briquetting Production Line for Biomass Fuel

This wood briquette production line is for 500 kg/h capacity. The mateirals can be waste wood, old forest, wood leaves, wood chips, old wood and any kinds of wood wastes.No binder need to be used. The finished briquettes are clean and renewable green fuel, which are ideal for use in boilers, open fires, etc.

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