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Belguim client visited E.P for coal briquette production line

Last November, clients from Belgium visited E.P and negotiated coal briquette production line, the whole line includes silos, mixing system, briquetting system, drying system and conveying system. 

2017/3/28 Comments:0Coal briquette production linecoal roller press
Shisha charcoal briquette production line

Since 2014, more and more people are requiring the shisha charcoal briquette production line. To supply the best workable equipment, We E.P Machinery designed the new line for clients to make shisha charcoal briquettes. The whole line includes: crusher, mixer, silo, briquette press, packing machine and so on. For more details, please read more and contact us via email. 

2016/10/28 Comments:6shisha charcoal lineshishia machinecharcoal press
The lifting type smokeless wood charcoal carbonization furnace

Description of Airflow Carbonization Furnace:
The lifting type smokeless carbonization furnace is made of high temperature material by using high-tech environmental purification technology, which is durable without oxidation or deformation.

2015/6/18 Comments:2charcoal carbonization furnacelifting type carbonization furnacesmokeless carbonization furnace
Wheel mixer for mixing charcoal with binders

As its name shows, there are two wheels on the wheel mixer. During the mixing process, the two wheels will keep rotating to grinding the machines and press the binder into the raw materials.

The advantage of the wheel mixer is that it can mix the binder with raw materials very well. Normally it takes 10 minutes to 15 minutes per batch. Especially for charcoal briquette making process, it is very necessary to have a wheel mixer. As the charcoal powder is quite light, the binders will be absorbed by charcoal powder only after pressing.


2015/6/3 Comments:1charcoal mixing machinewheel mixercharcoal powder mixing machine
Wheel mixer for mixing charcoal and coal

In the process of making charcoal briquettes or bbq, we need to mix charcoal powder with binders. The wheel mixer is an ideal mixing machine for charcoal.

As we all know, charcoal is more lighter than coal. If we use the common paddle mixer to mix it, the result is not very good. However, the wheel mixer can overcome this problem. The two wheels can press the charcoal while mixing, so the density of the charcoal also can be inscreased. It is good for the briquette making in next process. Furthermore, we can control the mixing time for each batch by ourself  so the raw materials can be mixed evenly.


2015/4/16 Comments:0wheel mixercharcoal mixing machinecoal mixing machine
3Tons/h aluminum briquette line for Thailand

This 3Tons/h aluminum briquette line for Thailand is made up of dosing hoppers, wheel mixer, screw conveyor, belt conveyor and briquette machine.

The capacity of the line is 3Tons/h for making 25mm diameter aluminum briquettes. If you use this line to make 50mm diameter aluminum briquettes, its capacity will reach 5Tons/hour.


2015/4/13 Comments:03TPH aluninum briquette line3Tons/h aluminum briquette linealuminum briquette making line
1TPH to 2TPH ring die wood pellet making line

Regarding to the application field and investing cost, now the pellet mills in the market can be divided into two types. One is flat die pellet mill and the other is ring die pellet mill. For the flat die pellet mills, the common capacity of them ranges from 50kg/h to 1000kg/h. It is good for home using or small scale factory using. For the ring die pellet mill, normally we will recommend MZLH-420 and MZLH-508 to our clients, the capacity of them are around 1000kg/h and 2000kg/h. It is good for big scale pellet making.


2015/3/9 Comments:01TPH wood pellet line2TPH wood pellet linering die wood pellet making linering die wood pellet line
200kg/h to 2000kg/h wood pellet line with thorough system

The available wood pellet lines we can supply are 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/hour, 700kg/h, 1000kg/h and 2000kg/hour. We will design suitable line according to the condition of your raw materials and the size of your factory...

2014/11/5 Comments:1wood pellet linewood pellet production linewood pellet making machinewood pellet plantpelletizing line
Different kinds of feed mixers made by E.P Machinery

In the line for making pellets, especially feed processing plant. We will use several different kinds of raw materials to ensure the nutrition. We have two types of mixing machine to do this job. One is vertical type mixer and the other is horizontal type mixer。


2014/10/27 Comments:0feed mixerfeed mixing machinesawdust mixer
30 T/H Iron Powder Briquette Line

Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd supply briquette line for making iron powders briquettes, here that is the whole process involved equipments in the iron powders briquette production Line. That is the whole machines, customers can choose the necessary machines according to different real situation. 

2014/8/20 Comments:030 t/h iron powder briquette linesponge iron briquette pressmetal briquetting presssteel slag briquetting presshot iron ore briquette machinemineral powders briquette ball press
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