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What is the best coal?
For coal materials, high carbon, low moisture, low sulphur, low ash content, that is the good-quality coal. If the ash content is high, that means the quality of coal is not good. Coal is one kind of energy sources, but ash is inorganic substance, which does not supply heating value, so the lower ash content, the better coal quality.
2012/5/3 Comments:0coalcharcoalcokecarbon
Wood chipper was delivered to Viet Nam client

Our client from SR Viet Nam ordered one HSXP-950 Wood chipper machine. The wood chipping machine is for chipping wood logs into 20-50 MM. Pls check the following packing pictures in our factory.

2012/4/7 Comments:0wood chipperwood crusherwood crushing machinebig wood chipping machine
Hydraulic coal briquette machine was delivered to Indonesia

Our Indonesia customer ordered one hydraulic coal briquette machine from us---Zhengzhou E.P Machinery. Last July, one customer from Indonesia come to China for purchasing one powerful coal briquette machine. He has plenty of different qualities of coal and charcoal. briquette machine. He has plenty of different qualities of coal and charcoal.

2012/3/30 Comments:2hydraulic coal briquette machinecoal briquette pressbriquetting machineroller briquette press
Pellet mill and hammer mill are packed for Ireland client

Our Ireland client ordered one diesel engine pellet mill and one gas engine hammer mill.  These machines are suitable for individual use, small investors, small farms, etc.Please check the packed pictures. In the year of  2012, the biomass pellet mill is becoming more and more prosporous.

2012/3/21 Comments:0pellet millhammer millpellet machinepellet presshammermilldiesel pelelt pressgas hammer crusher
Pellet mill is produced by Indonesia client

Our Indonesia client order our rotating roller pellet mill. This kind of pellet mill is connected with reducing gearbox, which is applicable for processing wood, sawdust, rice husk, straws, etc. 

2012/3/15 Comments:0pellet millpelleting machinepellet presspellet machine
Pellet mill is produced by Moldova client

The Model HSKL-E200 pellet mill is the for making wood pellets. This pellet mill is flat die type and is widely applicable to wood sawdust, grass, stalks, sugarcane bagasse. We deliver the pellet machine to our Moldova client.

2012/3/12 Comments:0pellet mill for Moldova client
Coke Briquette Production Line-Delivered to Kazakhstan

After two months negotiation, our Kazakhstan customer ordered one coke briquette production line, the capacity is 5 Ton/H. The whole briquette production line includes: briquette machine, vertical dryer,crusher, mixer,etc.

2012/3/12 Comments:0coke-briquette-production-line
10 Ton Coal Briquette Production Line for Brazil Customer

Last December, our Brazil customer came to our company for a visit. After negotiating, the customer ordered one 10 Ton coal briquette production line, cincluding hopper, mixer, crusher, conveyor, punch briquette press and so on.

2012/2/13 Comments:010 Ton Coal Briquette Production Line for Brazil Customer
Mixer and Grinder for Charcoal Power

Sometimes, charcoal producers meet problems for feeding charcoal powders. How can feed the charcoal and make the feeding charcoal drop the charcoal making machine with gravity and naturally?

2011/12/8 Comments:0charcoal mixercharcoal grinder and mixermixing equipment for charcoal
Definition of Charcoal

Charcoal, A black, porous, carbonaceous material, 85 to 98 percent carbon, produced by the destructive distillation of wood and used as a fuel, filter, and absorbent.

2011/12/8 Comments:0charcoalwhat is charcoalcharcoal meaningdefinition of charcoal
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