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wood carbonizing furnace

As our charcoal briquette equipment business expands increasing, most people will also inquire us the carbonizing technology. Here there are three methods to make wood charcoal. Please read more.

2019/6/26 Comments:0carbonizing furnacewood briquette furnacecarbonization technology
Mixing machine classification

As the top manufacturer of briquette machines and pellet machiness in biomass processing and charcoal field, we also will produce mixing machine as the auxilary equipment in production. Now the quality and professionals in mixing machine technology, most clients will also consult our mixing machines. Here one picture will show you what they are.

2019/6/12 Comments:0Mixing machinedouble shaft mixerribbon mixer
Convert iron ore into DRI briquette process

E.P Machinery built some DRI briquetting plants in recent two years, here we shared one basic process of making iron ore into briquettes. Hope it can help some people in this field. According to different materials, our engineers can assist you to make customized proposal. For more details, pls contact us freely. 

2019/5/29 Comments:0DRI briquetting
charcoal briquette production project:BC and CB comparison

Investors always have the doubt of making the charcoal briquettes. They do not know which process is much more efficient based on their real situation. Here let us give you a clear flowchart to help you understand this. 

2019/5/21 Comments:1charcoa lbirquette machineBBQ charcoal machineshisha charcoal
India clients negotiating the project of iron ore briquetting line with E.P

On 18th of April, 2019, Clients from India visited E.P Machinery to negotiate the project of iron ore briquetting production line. They intend to build the factory of making DRI briquetting plant in India. The Indian team visited E.P workshop and discussed the technological details of how to make DRI briquettes.

2019/4/23 Comments:0iron ore briquette machinemill scale briquetting pressDRI briquetting production line
Saudi Arabia client visited E.P charcoal briquetting line

Last Saturday, clients from Saudi Arabia visited our charcoal briquetting production line in E.P factory workshop. We discussed the technical details of shisha charcoal making production, and the clients were happy to see that E.P briquette machines are quite different from other suppliers', whose quality was much better and reliable. At last, two sides also talked about the commercial terms of exporting procedures and would set the business relationship soon.

2019/4/18 Comments:0charcoal briquetting linecharcoal powder briquetting technologychracoal machine in China
India Client visited E.P factory for Active carbon briquetting

 On 18th, March, 2019, India clients visited E.P Machinery to negotiated actived carbon  briquette machine. Through two months' communication, E.P Machinery and India clients have made an agreement for actived charcoal briquetting production line

2019/3/20 Comments:0active cabon briquettingcharcoal briquettingChina briquette machine
How to solve the problem of coal briquette machine can not push oil pressure ?
When the coal briquette machine in operation, sometimes, it will appear the problem of the oil pressure can not be pushed. The cause of this problem may be blockage of the suction port, junction gasket deformation and so on. In order to solve this problem, the E.P Machinery give the following methods, read more.
2018/12/29 Comments:0coal briquette machineoil pressurecan not push oil pressure
what is the briquette machine, how to choose the ball briquette machine ?

The coal briquette press machine, namely the coal briquetting machineroller briquette press machine, ball press machine, charcoal making machine etc.

2018/12/21 Comments:0high quality ball briquette machineE.P briquette machinecoal briquette machine
How to produce balls with a more spherical shape, using briquette press machine?

It is well known that the balls produced by briquette press machine is not totally spherical, it is a little flat. Because of some special application, some customers need to produce the balls with a more spherical shape. After serious research and test for a long time, we summarized the main points as following, read more...

2018/12/14 Comments:0briquette press machineball press machineproblems about briquettingcoal briquette machine
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