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Mesh dryer for charcoal briquette drying to US

For the belt dryer, it is made up of several layers for continuous drying. It is good for using in briquette making plant. The briquettes can be dried during the transmission of blets.

Normally there are two types for the belts, one is mesh belt and the other is chain plate belt. Please see the pictures of their difference as following:


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Mesh dryer for coal briquettes/belt coal briquette dryer/Chain plate dryer

For drying briquettes, no matter coal briquettes, charcoal briquettes or iron briquettes, there are main two kinds of dryer. One is vertical dryer and the other is belt dryer.

Comparing with vertical dryer, belt dryer is expensive. However, due to the briquettes are drying on the belts without crowding, the rate of broken briquettes is very low. This is one advantage of it. During running, the belt dryer is more continuous. Also you don't need to make foundation pit for it. 

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Vertical dryer/coal briquette dryer for coal briquette production line

Coal, coke, lignite, these mineral fuels are the main materials for industry combustion and heating process. However, during the transporting or processing, some coal or coke will be broken into small powder. In order to collect these powder for better burning, we will need to use briquette machine to press them into briquette.


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Small rotary drying machine for Cambodia client

Rotary dryer is one kind of good drying machine for power type or particle type materials, such as coal powder, sawdust, sludge, wood chips, etc.

For a complete drying system, it should be made up of 3 parts

1. Heating source

Heating source is used to supply hot air for drying. It can be a stove or firebox with burners. The fuel for it can be coal, wood, gas or oil. No matter which kind of fuel, it must ensure sufficient hot air to the dryer.


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New design sawdust dryer-the combination of hot air dryer and rotary dryer

Normally for a complete pellet line or briquette line, it should include a dryer. The dryer is used to reduce the moisture of the raw materials. There are two kinds of popular dryers in the market now. The hot air dryer(bended pipes) and rotary dryer. The hot air dryer is a economic choice, but it has limit for the moisture of feeding materials and capacity. Mostly, the moisture of feed materials should be controlled blew 30%-40% and the capacity should below 1ton/h.  But for rotary dryer, its rotating speed is adjustable. If the raw materials is quite wet, you can speed down to dry it by one time. The disadvantage of it is the price is quite higher.


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Small gasoline engine hammer mill and hot air dryer for Italian client

Yesterday, the small gasoline engine hammer mill and small sawdust dryer for our Italian client were ready for delivery.

The small hammer mill is driven by 7.5HP gasoline engine. It is quite convenient for using. It is good for crushing soft materials such as straw, corn stalk and small branches into fine powder, which is popular for home using.


2014/10/15 Comments:0small hammer millgasoline engine hammer millhot air dryerhammer milldiesel engine hammer millsawdust dryer
Sawdust hot air dryer

Hot air dryer is also called pipe dryer, it is the ideal drying equipment for drying light materials, such sawdust, rice husk, any kinds of biomass powders. This dryer is usually used for pellet production line and biomass briquette production line. 

2014/9/10 Comments:0sawdust dryerdrying machine for sawdust1 ton sawdust drying machinepipe dryer
Briquette dryer for coal briquette production line

 As we all know, no matter for making coal briquettes or charcoal briquettes, normally we will need to add binding materials into it. Most of the binding materials have high moisture. In this case, the moisture of the final briquettes will be also increased. So normally we will need a drying machine to deal with the briquettes. After drying, the strength of the briquettes will be enhence and the burning performance will also be improved.

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Rotary dryer/drum dryer/Sawdust dryer/wood chip dryer

 Main structure of sawdust dryer
1. Sawdust dryer is composed of the cylinder, before and after the roller circle, a large gear, gear roll, drag roller, a small gear, a feeding device, lifting plate, reducer, motor, feeding devices and other components.

2014/1/5 Comments:0rotary dryerdrum dryersawdust dryerwood chip dryer
Updated models of our air flow dryer

 Recently, we made some update of our air flow dryer. Some new models were added. The air flow dryer is a best choice for drying light power type raw materials. such as sawdust, rice husk, crushed grass and so on. It consists of stove, pipes, cyclone, fan, air locker, ect. The working principle of it is drying the raw materials in the long pipes by the hot air. The hot air is produced by the stoves. There are one or two stoves on different dryers. The fuel for the stove can be wood, fuel pellets or other solid fuel. The function of the fan is to suck the raw materials from the head of the pipe to the end of the pipe. 

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