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carbon black briquette machine for our Malaysia client

From: EP Machinery

Our roller type briquette machines are good at making high denstiy and strength briquettes. The raw materials for it can be coal, charcoal or other mineral power. Today I want to share one materials named carbon black with you.

Most of the Carbon black waste is extracted from tyre or rubber product. The density of carbon black is less than water, so it can float above water. Meanwhile, it can't dissolve in water. In other words, it is light and without any caking property. In our experience, it is one mateiral which is hard for making briquettes. 

After spending a lot of cost and energy, now we have found a good solution to deal with the briquetting issue of carbon black. First, we should use hydraulic pressure type briquette machine which can ensure the high pressure. Second, proper binding matrials should be used. We will provide the solution of binding materials along with briquette machine to our clients.

In the following are the detailed specification and photo of carbon black briquette machine:

Model: HSYQ-360-2

Power: 37kw

Discharging belt power: 2.2kw

Diameter of roller: 360mm

Width of roller: 400mm

Max pressure: 15Ton

Weight: 7000kg

Packing size: 3x2.2x2.4M

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1 #Saurabh
Saurabh We are very interested in the above carbon black briquette machine. Please let us know more about the product so that we can purchase the machine at the earliest.

We are from India and we have tyre pyrolysis plants here in India hence we get sufficient quantities of carbon black powder which we want to convert into briquettes.

2014/10/29 10:09:11 【REPLY】
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