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How to produce balls with a more spherical shape, using briquette press machine?

From: EP Machinery
It is well known that the balls produced by briquette press machine is not totally spherical, it is a little flat. Because of some special application, some customers need to produce the balls with a more spherical shape. After serious research and test for a long time, we summarized the main points as following:
1. Because of its working mechanisms, it is impossible for briquette press machine to produce balls with totally spherical shape, we can just make it more spherical.
2. Advanced processing technology, to promote the precision of rollers, cavities especially. When the friction force is lower, it will be easier for balls to be discharged from the cavities.
3. Higher speed of rollers, which can bring bigger centrifugal force. It will also be very helpful for discharging.
spherical shape briquettes
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