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briquette machine for wasted mushroom substrate

From: EP Machinery

 How to deal with the wasted mushroom substrate? Now it is the big problem for mushroom plantting investors. Most of investors just throw wasted mushroom away as garbage, and it leads to great waste of resources. Furthermore, because the wasted mushroom substrate is with high moisture and less density, it has bad burning effect for boilers or stove.

So how to make the wasted mushroom substrate profitable? How to change the mushroom substrate into things of value? How to use them to take place of coal?

Aiming at solving this problem of wasted mushroom substrate, we developed the briquette machine for converting wasted mushroom substrate into solid fuel, taking place of coal or charcoal, we can use the briquette machine to process the wasted mushroom substrate into fuel briquette/pellets/blocks, which can be burnt in the boiler or stove directly.

For making wasted mushroom substrate briquettes, it not only solves the problem of the dealing with the garbage, but also get a a new renewable energy instead of coal, which can save much more money for investors.

Pls contact us for further information of wasted mushroom substrate briquette machine. 

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