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Briquette dryer for coal briquette production line

From: EP Machinery

 As we all know, no matter for making coal briquettes or charcoal briquettes, normally we will need to add binding materials into it. Most of the binding materials have high moisture. In this case, the moisture of the final briquettes will be also increased. So normally we will need a drying machine to deal with the briquettes. After drying, the strength of the briquettes will be enhence and the burning performance will also be improved.

There are mainly three types briquette drying machine in the market:

1. Vertical dryer

This kind of dryer is a big barrel which can dry the briquettes by batch. The advantage of it is that its price is low and it can save a lot of working area. But the disadvantage is that it can't be continually working. 

2. Mesh dryer

This kind of dryer can keep the drying process working incessantly. The price of it is much higher than vertical dryer, but it has good drying performance as well. Normally it is above two layers. 

3. Box dryer

The appearance and working principle of box dryer are similar with mesh dryer, but the inner structure of it is different. The drying belt of it is not made from mesh, it is made up of thick steel plates with holes on them.  It means the working life of it is much higher. 

In the following are the steel plates of the box dryer for your checking:

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