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Biomass briquette production line

From: EP Machinery

 A complete and automated biomass briquette plant, includes crusher-dryer-distribution hopper-briquette extruder-packing machine, conveyor, electric control system, etc.

Applicable raw materials
The raw materials can be all kinds of biomass materials, such as wood logs and branches, wood chips, leaves, all kinds of wooden wastes, rice husk, peanut shell, cotton stalks, coconut shell, straws etc.
Briquette shape
The final biomass briquettes can be square shape, hexagonal shape, octagon shape and others, the length is adjustable.
 EP biomass briquette production line
Our biomass briquette production line has high quality and better performance, here are the main characteristics as following.
1. More scientific and reasonable structure, it is very convenient for workers to operate and maintain the machines.
2. Adopting advanced China famous brand components in main parts. 
3. Longer lifespan. Biomass briquette machine especially, its upgraded screw is made from 40Cr, which has better hardness, toughness and abrasive resistance. 
4. Advanced automatic control system.
the biomass briquette production for Australia
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