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Best Selling Electric starter Diesel Engine pellet making machine

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 Electric starter  Diesel Engine pellet making machine

This is the Diesel Engine Pellet making Machine with Electric starter , it also called OUTDOOR / FIELD Biomass Pellet Machine.
This Diesel Engine Biomass Briquette Machine can operate in the place without electricity, such as the forest and farm. Therefor please choose this type  if you wan to operate in outside.
Flat Die Pellet Mills
The flat die design was the first design of pellet mill to emerge at the beginning of the 20th century. Pellet mills were originally focused on the animal feed industry, and this was the case up until the 1970's, when the first experiments producing wood pellet fuel were conducted. However it is only within the last decade that wood pellet fuel has been
taken seriously as a heating option, due the rising costs of oil and gas, and their effects on global warming and climate change.
Our Flat die pellet machines are generally used for pellet production on a small to medium scale. The flat die pellet mills can process a wide range of biomass materials, for a range of applications. These include wood, straws, grasses and other biomass residues.
Summary of Flat Die Design
Flat die pellet mills are the simplest design of pellet mill, and as such have certain advantages. Flat die pellet mills work on a vertical design, using gravity as the main force for feeding the material through the machine. Flat die pellet mills have a horizontal die, with a series of rollers above the die. As material falls in from the top, it is
compressed between the rollers and die.
Biomass is simply any form of organic matter which can be used to produce energy. This obviously includes wood, and wood waste, however it also includes agricultural residues such as straws and grasses. Another growing biomass energy area is purpose grown energy crops such as miscanthus, switchgrass and hemp. All of these biomass materials can be converted into biomass pellets.
Pellet Making
Making pellets is a skilled process, it needs the right equipment and operator knowledge. To produce quality durable pellets, the material must have a certain moisture content, and the necessary binding qualities. Lignin is the natural binder contained within all biomass.


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