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Aluminum briquette making machine with force feeder

From: EP Machinery

The briquette machine is used to press waster materials into different shape briquettes. According to the character of different kinds of materials, we will recommend suitable briquette machines to our customers.

We have three types briquette machines on sale. The first one is mechanical pressure type briquette machine. The second one is high pressure type briquette machine with hydraulic pump. The Third one is high pressure type briquette machine with hydraulic pump and screw force feeder.

For the materials like coal, iron powder, charcoal, etc, the first type briquette machine is enough for making them into briquettes. If you want to get higher density briquettes, you can also choose the second type and third type.

For the mateirals like aluminum powder, it is quite hard to be shaped. You have to choose the second type and third type briquette machines. At the same time, as the aluminum powder is quite light, it can't be fed by gravity. It is better to choose the third type briquette machine with screw force feeder. It can help you to feed the powder into the rollers.

In the following I will show you the 3D drawing of high pressure type briquette machine with force feeder and the drawing of common briquette machine:

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