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2011 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

From: EP Machinery

China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association(CAMDA)
China Agricultural Mechanization Association(CAMA)
China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers(CAAMM)
Zhengzhou Municipal Government
Henan Agricultural Machinery Management Bureau

Overseas Supporters:
Association of Equipment Manufacturers(AEM)
Japan Farm Machinery Manufacturer’s Association
Korea Agricultural Machinery & Industry Cooperative
Thailand Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer’s Club

China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association, exhibition Dept
(Beijing Huibang Hanwei Exhibition & Display Co., Ltd.)
China Agricultural Mechanization Association, exhibition Dept.
China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, exhibition Dept

CONSTRUCTION Date: 24-26 October, 2011
EXHIBITION Date:27-29 October, 2011

2011 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was held in our city-Zhengzhou, China.

New agricultural machinery, new technology can be found in this exhibition. More than 1600 companies from all over the world were here for exhibiting.  E.P Team also showed our machines here and learned new technology in the agricultural machinery field. We have the confidence to do better in the near future. 



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