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Straw briquette machine market prospect

From: EP Machinery
Since 2011, more and more village people in Europe, Asia countries started to use the straw briquette machines, this kind of straw briquette machine can convert crop plants stalks, straw, seedings, leaves, etc into blocks. In village, there are plenty of crop plants leaves, seeding, stalks, first, we can use grinder to grind into small particles, then add some water into the small particles, finally we use the straw briquette machines to press the wet small particles into 20-32 mm blocks, these blockes can be burnt as fuel, taking place coal, the burning rate and heating value is much more high than the same amount of coal and charcoal, furthermore, the exhaust pollution of Nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide is lower than the international world standard, but it leaved less ash. Now many South Europe countries rural villagers have adopted project to open new energy already.
Kinds of grass, straw, stalks have been the big problem of polluting rural health.. Zhengzhou E.P Machinery searched the technology of environmental protection and energy conservation and developed the new type straw briqeutte machine, it does not only solve the problem of pollution, but this stalk briquette machine can also supply the new good fuel for cooking of farmers. The wastes of any kinds of straws have been changed into profitable goods.
Additionally, the rural villagers also can use the finished briquettes for heating in coal winter seasons. These advantages of straw briquette machines has come more and more hot selling in rural aread all over the world. Now.
Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd supply kinds of best quality of straw/stalk/pellet briquette machines, for further information, please consult our Sales Department.
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