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PLC automatic control system for our production lines

From: EP Machinery

 Nowadays, most of our clients,especially some from European countries, they make requests to us for supplying pellet production lines, briquette production line with PLC automatic control system. So they can easily monitor and operate the line. LAST MONTH, we designed a 20ton/h charcoal briquette production line for our customers from Saudi Arabia. Now the production line has been finished and it is automatic controlled by PLC system. By now, our PLC department is formally founded.

Here we want to share some experience of the charcoal briquette making PLC control system.

1. Brief introduction of a complete charcoal briquette production line

A complete line consists of crushing process, mixing process, briquette making process, drying process.

2. PLC control for crushing process

In this process, mostly we need to control the the start and stop of the crushing machine by PLC.

3. PLC control for Mixing process

For the mixing process, we will mix the charcoal powders with dry powder binder and liquid binder. Here, we need to control the matching ratio of charcoal powders and the binders. We will use different hoppers for holding charcoal powder and binder. Then we can control the flow rate of the materials out of hoppers by PLC. The bottom of hoppers are all equipped with belt scales. So we can control the percentage very accurately. Meanwhile, we will add materials level sensors in the hoppers to monitor the materials level.

4. PLC control for briquette making process

Here, we just need to control the start and stop of briquette machine by PLC.

5. PLC control for drying process

PLC control has very important function in this process. First, the temperature detecting can be accomplished by PLC. Second, the heat source can be controlled by PLC. We can connect the PLC system with the fan and blower to control the hot air. If temperature is too high, just slow down the fan.If lower,just speed up them.

Meanwhile, if any parts of line are broken, PLC will have a ring and show it on the screen, so we can find the problem very convinent.

In a word, we can achieve a lot of functions by PLC system. And our technical team can well designed it according to your requests. If we can be of any help. Please feel free to contact us.

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