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Hydraulic coal briquette machine was delivered to Indonesia

From: EP Machinery

 Our Indonesia customer ordered one hydraulic coal briquette machine from us---Zhengzhou E.P Machinery.

Last July, one customer from Indonesia come to China for purchasing one powerful coal briquette machine. He has plenty of different qualities of coal and charcoal. Before his arriving to our company, he visited and inspected more than 10 manufacturers,  finally he came to our company, he was deeply moved by our briquette machine, service, statement and testing work. Finally he boughly one set our hydraulic coal briquette machine, which is also our advantages on coal-briquetting field.

Welcome more clients to visit us to test our coal briquette machine.

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◎welcome to give out your point。

1 #harald
harald I am Harald van Lennep from Fer-Min-Ore Mineral Services in South Africa. I am interested in your coal briquetting machine.

We require a machine to make 80mm briquettes from mettalurgical coke powder sized 0 - 0.212mm. We require a production rate of approximately 5MT per hour.

Please confirm that your machine is good for this purpose and provide me with a budget quotation and your terms of supply.

Is it possible to send you our powder and binder to conduct tests on your machine?
2 #Vin
Vin Dear Sir,

We are looking for Coal Pellet making machine, kindly send the catlog and technical details with prize for different models with different capacity

We preffered Oval or Square shape coal pellets, briquets
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