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Hydraulic Briquette machine for making shisha charcoal briquettes

From: EP Machinery

Our Philippines customer visited E.P Machinery and visit factory for briquette presses to make shisha charcoal briquettes. 

We introduced all the types of charcoal briquette machines to them, one is screw type, the second is hydraulic type, the third is punch type, the forth is mechanical type, and the last one is roller type. How to choose the suitable charcoal briquette machines according to their need? We remmond that the best feasible one depends on the final usage of the charcoal briquettes, that means the end-users' potential market requirements. If customers tell us what they want to use, E.P team will design and make the proposal for customers to choose. 

The customers from Philippines wanted to use coconut nut charcoal powders to make shisha charcoal briquettes, we advised them to use hydraulic briquette press, which can produce 25*25*25 mm cube shape. That is very popular in Middle-East Countries, Europe Countries now. 

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