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How to produce instant lighting charcoal

From: EP Machinery

[FONT-FACE=Verdana]The fast-burning charcoal is not one kind of the whole piece of charcoal fast-burning. On one hand, no need to do that; on the other hand, the production cost is higher and there will be little profit for shisha charcoal owners. Therefore, the fast lighting charcoal can be layered and divided into a quick-lighting layer and a burning layer. The combustion layer will be ignited once the fast ignition layer is lighted. This is the good way to save charcoal production costs. 

What is the ideal proportion of the quick-lighting layer and the burning layer. Commonly it is between 20% - 30%: 80% - 70%. What kind of charcoal can be used for quick burning charcoal? The selection of quick-burning charcoal is vitally important. The more proper the charcoal type is, the less quick-burning materials is used, and vice versa. Do not use high temperature charcoal powders and high ratio carbon charcoal powders. Charcoal with a high carbon content is not easily ignited, or a larger amount of oxidizer will be used. Therefore, the medium and low temperature charcoal are mostly chosen in shisha charcoal field. the medium and low temperature carbon powder whose volatile ratio is relatively high is generally used. The above is for how to choose the burning layer charcoal materials.

The fast lighting charcoal briquette equipment can be screw extruding type or vertically hydraulic type. We suggest using hydraulic pressure briquette press. It is not only because of the high pressure, but because the the hydraulic punching press requires less water added, while the screw press has a larger amount of water than the hydraulic press, and its combustion effect will be reduced after drying. When the quick-burning charcoals are dried, users must control the temperature well. The pre-drying temperature is about 80 degrees, and it cannot exceed 60 degrees in the last drying period. When using hot air drying, do prevent the fire flame from coming into the drying room. It is easy to catch fire when the temperature is high or flames enter when the drying work comes to end. So be sure to pay attention during the whole drying period.

Some people ask:

1.All the shisha charcoal are fast lighting charcoal? Not yet. Most of shisha charcoal are produced as fast lighting, but some of them are not.

2.The packing of instant ignited charcoal is superior, does that mean the charcoal is top quality? No. The good packages are for avoiding getting wet function.

Lastly, Be careful during the preparation of strong oxidizing agents. There should be no fire nearby. Never mix with sulfur or metal powder.

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