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Brick making machine of hydraulic pressure type with automatic manipulator

From: EP Machinery

Brick making machine is one kind of machinery which can convert stone powder, fly ash, slag, sand, cement and other available materials into bricks or blocks. In dustrial field, vaious kinds of wastes and slag also can be recycled and processed into useful bricks, like coal gangue, phosphogypsum, tailing sand in brick production field. Our brick machine is equipped with advanced hydraulic pressure system, precise positioning system, which is the best way to make new style bricks. 

The following is the production line of making bricks, please take it as reference. If you want to know more, just feel free to contact us. 



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Mirian Hello I want to know more information about the product's price and information about how to buy it. Also I'd like to know exactly such kind of production it can make.

looking forward hearing from you.
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