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500 charcoal briquette machine with special rollers for Jordan clients

From: EP Machinery

On 5th of February, 2015, one of our Jordan client came to check his machines. He ordered one charcoal briquette machines and two double shaft mixers from us.  The model of the briquette machine is 500 mechanical type roller briquette machine. The special place is that there are some logos on each socket of the rollers. Furthermore, the logos for the two rollers are different. It means two different sockets matched together into a whole briquettes. This is a new design for the field of roller briquette machine. Of course, the honor owe to our clients. He inspired us for this design.

We tested the machines in our workshop for him. He was very satisfied with the final briquettes. In the following I will show you some pictures of the machines and briquettes:

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