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5 T/H charcoal briquette production line

From: EP Machinery

Our Turkey customer need 5T/H charcoal briquette production line, here our technical department of E.P Machinery give the proposal of the whole charcoal briquette plant for customers' reference.

1. Storage bin for feeding materials

2. cruhser

3.Dosing machine

4. mixing machine

5. Binder mixer

6.charcoal briquette machine

7.belt dryer

8. electric cabinet

For furhter information, the space dimension, the drawing, the specifications, as well as the prices, please contact Sales Department. We will give you the best feasible proposal accoridng to your real produciton situation.

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◎welcome to give out your point。

LIMYS thank you
2 #oscar
oscar Dear

I need to quote a briquette extruder production line.
The material used will be wasted charcoal.
I need a line containing a crusher, a double mixer, a supply of water and binder system, briquetting with automatic cut, the belt dryer and the PLC.
Measuring the briquette should be 55mm in diameter with a hole and 110mm long
We need to produce a minimum of 3/5 tons per hour.
I await your response.

3 #mohamad
mohamad hi..ineed price this line ..and photo
2016/1/26 12:38:37 【REPLY】
4 #mohamad
mohamad hi..i need ...price..and photo
2016/1/26 12:39:17 【REPLY】
5 #Bhargav
Bhargav I need to know the size, price, dimensions, photos for the above mentioned machine which is having capacity of 5 tons per hour. Also, I need to know about the same capacity machine for ground nut shell briquette machine price, size and all details along with the photos. I am from India, and I need to order machines ASAP once you provide the details.
2016/8/5 5:16:39 【REPLY】
6 #Ed
Ed Please quote this machine Fob Port au prince Haiti and miami florida USa
http://Haitiag.org 2016/11/20 22:10:06 【REPLY】
7 #Ed
Ed Please quote fob port au prince haiti and miami fl usa.

Awaiting reply
http://Haitiag.org 2016/11/20 22:14:08 【REPLY】
8 #Ali
Ali Dear Sir, i would like to ask you about briquette machine coconut to be charcoal shisha and BBQ product shisha round shape and square for BBQ any shapes accept for marketing, please i want to know the price for the machine and if possible for production line with high capacity and all details.

machine will be working for coconut shell only.

Thanks & Regards
Ali Alshokairat
Email: alishokairat2006@yahoo.com
telephone: 0097433932676

2019/12/2 1:21:55 【REPLY】
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